I originally had the idea to start this blog when I was re-watching One Tree Hill from the beginning at the start of the year.

As it’s taken me this long to get round to it and with the arrival of Gilmore Girls on Netflix – with brand new episodes coming later in the year, I thought I’d start with those two quirky Gilmore Girls.

My thoughts on the Gilmore Girls pilot (which originally aired on the 5th October 2000) are below:

  1. I don’t remember the show starting like this … have I even seen the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls from the start?
  2. Loving the soundtrack already ‘there she goes…’
  3. Apparently Luke was supposed to be female originally but Scott Patterson was cast instead to add some testosterone to the show
  4. Well this guy can’t take a hint
  5. And Rory’s here!
  6. Macy Gray! Remember when Macy Gray was popular?
  7. Well this guy’s a skeeze!
  8. “Are you my new daddy?” five words to scare away most men.
  9. “She’s sixteen” two words to pretty much scare off all men (over 18 I guess – I say this having been hit on at 14 by my brothers 30 year old friends.)
  10. The opening credit music! I will always love this song – good old Carole King!
  11. Aww Yanic Truesdale – I’ve missed his sass
  12. Is that Ms Ungermeyer from the Lizzie McGuire Movie?!
  13. There’s a lot of sass in this show!
  14. “Offspring” Christ Michel!
  15. There is a guy on a scooter! An actual push scooter! Well this dates the show!
  16. I’ve always loved Stars Hollow – I wonder what it would be like to live there.
  17. Dean! My 3rd favourite of Rory’s boyfriends
  18. How did the teacher not realise those girls were painting their nails? Surely she must have smelt it.
  19. Sookie! I always loved Melisa McCarthy!
  20. I don’t remember Sookie being this clumsy in later episodes
  21. I really don’t think I’ve seen this all the way through before
  22. “None of the girls get pregnant? Drop out?” Wow, Mrs Kim would have had a field day if Lane had gone to my school!
  23. Sookie slapped someone in the face with a frying pan – don’t think that happens again for the rest of the series
  24. Rory got into Chilton! (Not that I didn’t know this was coming or anything)
  25. “People are particularly stupid today” – I feel like this on Thursdays
  26. How many zeros are behind the five?
  27. Ooh I use that sarcastic voice sometimes.
  28. Sookies hair is so early noughties, I love it!
  29. Ooh deep music – Lorelai must be thinking hard about what she has to do next
  30. Did Lorelai only use to see her parents at Easter? That’s sad!
  31. RIP Edward Herrmann – you’ll be missed
  32. Oh no, she sees them at Christmas too – that’s a bit better, I guess.
  33. It kind of sounds like two conditions to be honest Emily – Friday night meal and a weekly phone call
  34. “Rory, me, that’s me” that’s essentially me whenever I meet a cute guy, only I have a stutter too, so it’s really great!
  35. So that’s why Rory has the same name as Lorelai! I always thought it was a family tradition (what with Richards mothers name being Lorelai too)
  36. They’re walking away in sync together – how cute!
  37. “I’ve been watching you” always a sure fire way to a girls heart
  38. No! Don’t go into depth on how much you watch her!
  39. Why can’t I find someone who wants to meet me because I have incredible concentration when reading?! I read loads!
  40. “Red meat can kill you” But it tastes so yummy!
  41. Oh Miss Patty – I love her method of teaching
  42. A thousand times?! Don’t exaggerate Rory – ten minutes ago you were super excited to be wearing an ugly plaid skirt!
  43. “If you’re going to throw your life away, he better have a motor cycle!” I know I’ve heard this line before! Perhaps this is where I’ve joined the episode previously.
  44. Nice throwback to the Macy Gray reference earlier – but seriously, who plays Macy Gray when they’re angry?
  45. “She’s sitting in my chair” the original “that’s my spot”.
  46. Rory’s the same height as me? I always thought she was short!
  47. I feel like the Gilmore’s are my kind of people, Champagne before dinner- I could get on bored with that.
  48. Richard’s answer is similar to mine when people ask how work is.
  49. Seriously, so much sass!
  50. “When you get pregnant, you get married” WOW Emily … just wow.
  51. Well that secret lasted all of 2 days – can’t even blame Emily for letting that out
  52. Richard’s like my dad, falls asleep anywhere!
  53. Aw Luke and Lorelai forever!
  54. I feel like Luke hates the stuff he serves in his diner
  55. How do you think she’ll find out Rory? You’ve already told Dean that Miss Patty knows everything that happens in Stars Hollow. She’ll ask her.
  56. And the final shot of the girls sitting in Luke’s diner talking….