I’ve been wanting to revisit the first season of Game of Thrones recently – mainly because I’m werido who has to a watch show the entire way through at least once a year.

With the season 6 finale airing last week, now seems like a good time in order to start rewatching it and seeing if I can link anything together – I really couldn’t, but see below for the thoughts I had.

I’ll warn you now, there are spoilers….

  1. This is the first time I’ve watched this since the first time I’ve watched this all the way through last year
  2. Most of the stuff I know or remember, I’ve read on Buzzfeed
  3. This is The Wall!
  4. It’s been two whole minutes and not a single word has been said yet!
  5. Ooh burning bodies, that’s never good!
  6. And this scene is the reason I turned this off when I first started trying to Game of Thrones (4 years ago!)
  7. Will the symbol the body parts made mean something later on?
  8. No! Don’t get back on your horse!
  9. The White Walkers bringing new meaning to ‘big baby blues’
  10. When you think about it, a lot happens before the opening credits
  11. It’s making me a bit sad seeing the actor’s names of characters who are going to die over the next 6 seasons.
  12. a) Why did the white walker let him get away, and b) how did he get past castle black? Why didn’t he go there and tell him what he saw?
  13. How young do Bran and Rickon look?!
  14. Arya embarrassing her little brother – I’d be more like Bran with a bow and arrow than Arya
  15. “Winter is coming” First mention of the season
  16. There’s Theon Greyjoy, looking whole and in one piece
  17. “Don’t look away” A lesson Bran takes to heart in later seasons, when he just can’t stop bloody looking at things he shouldn’t do … *sob* Hodor ….
  18. Actually – it’s something he takes to heart pretty early on really
  19. Look at all the young innocent direwolves
  20. I forgot what a dick Theon use to be
  21. Jon could get a job with the RSPCA, saving animals like that
  22. I don’t know if it’s my TV/DVD or if everything genuinely does look incredibly old school
  23. I didn’t realise how much I missed Catelyn and Ned until right now
  24. Say no, Ned! Say no!
  25. “Heard the Prince is a right royal prick” might be putting it lightly
  26. Look at Bran climbing everywhere
  27. Those pups are seriously cute
  28. Why are they wearing masks with wolf features on?
  29. Oh! It’s the Hound!
  30. Does this mean the Mountain has one shaped like a mountain?!
  31. Sansa’s making eyes at Joffrey – bleurgh
  32. Robert Baratheon was in the Full Monty, wasn’t he?
  33. You could never say “You got fat!” to your girlfriends after a long time, you’d get a slap in the face!
  34. I am a bit surprised that Cersei would let Joffrey ride on horseback and not demand he be in the carriage like her other kids
  35. Cersei’s costumes definitely improve through the seasons
  36. Ooh first mention of Lyanna
  37. Again Ned, just say no!
  38. What does Tyrion look like?! It’s like an awkward #tbt moment
  39. Jamie giving his little brother an orgy in order to make sure he’s at dinner on time …seems about right
  40. With the use of hindsight, I don’t actually feel sorry for Robert any more, he seems quite possessive
  41. Emilia Clarke looks so young
  42. Illyria? Isn’t that a place in Twelfth Night by Shakespeare?
  43. Oh it’s creepy the way Viserys looks at Dany – like she’s meat he’s selling … which I guess she kind of is technically
  44. “It’s too hot m’lady” first clue we get of Dany’s special talents
  45. What does Dany have on her feet?!
  46. I’d forgotten how meek and mild she used to be
  47. “I’d let his whole tribe fuck you” that’s the best offer of sibling affection I’ve ever heard
  48. Do you reckon if Sansa had a crystal ball she’d still be begging to be allowed to go to Kings Landing and marry Joffrey?
  49. UNCLE BENJEN!!!!
  50. “You might, if you knew what it meant” so does that mean Benjen was the only one who knew about R+L=J?
  51. How has Tyrion managed to get better looking after one scene?
  52. If Ned had doubts, why didn’t he check with the Nights Watch before he beheaded the boy?
  53. “Have you bled yet?” 4 words to make any conversation awkward
  54. What’s Jamie’s issue with Ned?
  55. Even Richard Madden looks quite young in this
  56. I guess it’s not a wedding unless there’s a fight!
  57. Jorah!
  58. Viserys is looking like he wants a wedding so he can get cool gifts too
  59. Do you reckon the actresses playing the Dothraki women pulled straws to see which of them would have to have their boobs out?
  60. Horses? … check …. Romantic sunset? … check … Beach?… check … Rape of a young girl who has been sold into marriage to help her weirdo brothers prospects? … check.
  61. Why does Theon look better dressed than the Starks do? All grey and strutting
  62. Baby Summer was so cute!
  63. No Bran! Stop climbing! A 10 year old does not need to see where those noises are coming from!
  64. Do you think Isaac Hempstead Wright misses using his legs to act with, or do you reckon he likes being carried around everywhere?