Here are some thoughts that have come across my mind from episodes 2-6 of season one of Gilmore Girls:

  1. Lorelai is so me getting up in the morning – especially at the weekend when I don’t have to wake up
  2. The outfit that Lorelai takes Rory to school in is probably my favourite of the entire series
  3. Why would a school have so many gargoyles?! The only place I’ve seen more is the Notre Dame
  4. Clearly they were thinking the same thing “Just looking to see if there’s a hunchback”
  5. “Want me to get you a mirror?” Rory Gilmore bringing it with the first sass of episode 2
  6. I love that Lorelai had to take her coat of for two minutes – just long enough for her mother to be disgusted with her
  7. I wish I had my life as well planned out as Rory did at sixteen
  8. “There’s a good chance you will fail” What an inspirational motivational speech
  9. Got to love Rory though for not acknowledging the pessimism and just answering with a question about food
  10. How fancy does your school have to be to a) have a school song, and b) expect you to know it in Latin?
  11. A screw driver in a toaster, really? Even I have enough common sense not to do that
  12. Well I kind of thought Tolstoy was before Dickens – and I have a degree in Literature (where I’ve studied both)… awkward!
  13. Chad Michael Murray! I forgot he was in this.
  14. Wow, Paris really was a bitch
  15. I forgot a time when Sookie and Jackson weren’t married
  16. “Where can you find good antiques?” “Probably at your house” Oh, Michel!
  17. You can buy car parking spaces? Seriously, how posh is this school?
  18. So is Alex Borstein actually a professional harp player, or is that just some TV magic?
  19. No one was this hostile to the new kids in my school – is this a private school thing?
  20. I much prefer CMM in OTH – he doesn’t suit playing an asshole
  21. “Mick” … soon to be renamed Kirk
  22. I love Friday night dinners – I have a similar arrangements with my grandparents, only they’re feeding me so I don’t always eat take out or chicken dippers and chips
  23. Why is Richard referring to his mother in past tense?
  24. How can you forget someone’s name so quickly
  25. Didn’t this conversation start as ‘team sport’ … how is swimming and golfing a team sport?
  26. Lorelai is such a people person – I suck at pleasing people
  27. Emily’s intentions are quite sweet really
  28. Why do you only wear one glove in golfing?
  29. I do feel sorry for this mother – bickering twins cannot be easy!
  30. Where is Fez? Isn’t Fez a type of hat?
  31. I really fancy a sauna now
  32. Kirk/Mick/Random job man is back
  33. I love that Richard is secretly a big gossip
  34. In fact, I just love Richard – his presence is going to be missed in Gilmore Girls ‘A Year in the Life’
  35. “We talked about Fez” “And he thought it was a hat?” … Well I feel embarrassed now
  36. Why are they doing the decorations for the wedding so early? Every wedding I’ve been to in a hotel, they don’t start the decorations until the day of the wedding.
  37. The early courtship of Sookie and Jackson, makes my heart melt
  38. So have the twins just got married on a Monday? Who gets married on a Monday?
  39. Just starting episode 4 and we haven’t seen Dean since the pilot – I’m starting to miss the pretty boy
  40. Rory takes the same amount of stuff to school with her that I take to my siblings when I stay there for the weekend
  41. It’s the wolf from the 10th Kingdom!
  42. I’ll always have a soft spot for him
  43. I would not do well in Mrs Kim’s shop – I would break everything!
  44. During a drama lesson in college I stumbled backwards in to a whiteboard, I just had a flashback watching Lorelai stumble in to the globe.
  45. What’s wrong with Saved by the Bell? I love Saved by the Bell!
  46. “Put the D behind you” *sniggers* I need to grow up
  47. Seriously, what is Paris’s problem?
  48. Who has time to hang out in a secret room before school?
  49. Getting hit by a deer is something that would happen to me!
  50. Yes Rory! You scream at the bitch …. And the asshole
  51. Sometimes I feel like Headmaster Charleston just does not want Rory to do well in Chilton
  52. Sookie has quite the nose for food
  53. When was the last time Lorelai did a fully day at work?
  54. “A pleasure encountering you” Oh Max, you sly dog
  55. I love that Emily’s cracking jokes about knowing Nazi’s
  56. Babette and Morey have such an underrated relationship
  57. Dean …. Only took until episode 5 for him to make a reappearance
  58. Quite cute to jump on a bus for a stop, just to say hello
  59. Michel left France because he found the French insufferable, wonderful!
  60. And that is why I put my crème brulee under the grill – no one in their right mind would trust me with a blow torch!
  61. Not cool Rory, you don’t blow off your friend for a guy!
  62. A plum is better than sex?!
  63. And the new assistant manager at Doose’s is Kirk/Mick/Random job man!
  64. Who goes in to a store with only a dollar? This was not a well thought out plan, Rory
  65. Way’s to get people to move away from you in a coffee shop – talk about how to stunt a child’s growth.
  66. I know it’s sad that Babette’s cat died but the image of Cinnamon sliding across the living room floor and hitting a lamp is quite funny
  67. The community spirit is touching though – someone’s cat dies and everyone rallies round
  68. Sean Gunn’s character has officially been given the name Kirk
  69. I knew you could have a sink too low for someone!
  70. “Been kinda bugging you lately” – Dean, we’ve not seen you since the Pilot!
  71. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton – wow, what a reference!
  72. Seriously, Babette and Morey = Relationship goals
  73. Conversations about deaths and wills – a conversation that happens all too often with some of my family members
  74. Is this the first birthday Emily and Richard have spent with Rory since Lorelai left?
  75. “Close your eyes and open your mouth” are Sookie and Jackson dating yet?
  76. Oh poor Rory – what happened to a ‘little’ party, Emily?
  77. I remember those beads!
  78. It is so cute that Emily and Lorelai are making the effort to get along
  79. Oh Lorelai woke Rory up at the exact time she was born
  80. Luke loves Rory – it’s so adorable
  81. I’ve just noticed the hardware stuff that Luke has in his diner in –
  82. Luke wrote on the balloons to say happy birthday!
  83. – sorry, back to previous thought – remembrance of his father.
  84. Edith Wharton! I get that reference – she wrote a book I studied at Uni
  85. I wish I’d met my grandparents friends on my birthday and got given envelopes
  86. Was Tristan supposed to be a prototype for Logan?
  87. How did Lorelai sleep in the room with all those china dolls?
  88. My mother needs to take a lesson from Lorelai “You do not work on your birthday, you laugh at people who do”
  89. Paris is thawing … I hate her a little less now
  90. There are some fabulous singing voices in that crowd
  91. Michel’s sat in the background on his phone with not a care in the world – I really love this character!
  92. I feel like Emily always knew that Lorelai and Luke were something more
  93. How many things about Lorelai and Rory does Emily not know?
  94. It’s quite heart breaking, really
  95. Richard is getting way into that issue of Cosmopolitan
  96. It’s so clear how much Richard loves Emily
  97. Why does Lorelai look so horrified at Dean giving Rory a bracelet? It could have been worse!