To be honest, I’m an idiot who reads spoilers all the time because (with the exception of one thing) I like knowing what’s going happen beforehand and I just can’t wait to find out what’s going on in the lands of my favourite shows … beside, Twitter will always ruin it for me anyways!

Below are the thoughts I had during this week’s Pretty Little Liars episode:

  1. Emily’s wearing her dad’s jacket!
  2. “He wouldn’t hurt her, he loves her” … didn’t Charlotte/Cece/Charles love Ally too, Aria? Look what she did to the five of you.
  3. Why does Elliot have vampire eyes?
  4. Yes! Go Ally!
  5. No! Not again
  6. Why wasn’t she strapped down in the first place?
  7. Well, Elliot’s got in to some kinky stuff all of a sudden!
  8. Why would you need to block her mouth if she’s asleep though?
  9. Where has Hanna’s mum been?
  10. Emily literally cannot get a break when it comes to her love life, can she?
  11. Oh, I’d forgotten about Toby’s new girlfriend
  12. “Coming over” … to the trailer you’re currently living in …?
  13. Poor Spence!
  14. When did these girls become familiar with malpractice?
  15. Where’d the Hannibal mask go?
  16. Seriously, what is wrong with his eyes?
  17. Didn’t Caleb get kicked out of Spencer’s?
  18. C’mon don’t lie Caleb, just be honest
  19. Oh, you did
  20. Be honest!
  21. Will we get to see Jason this season?
  22. Elliot lied, you seemed surprised.
  23. How does Hanna have perfectly manicured nails after being in captivity/escaping?
  24. Is Aria going on this recon mission because she’s the smallest and can hide easiest, or because Hanna can’t be left on her own?
  25. Except that you dumped Jordan, so really, you have no future
  26. They look like some old school medical equipment
  27. How long has Elliot had those scars on his neck?
  28. Right, they’re from when Alison was strangling him at the start of the episode
  29. Aria does not know the meaning of haste
  30. Aria’s a right little Nancy Drew this episode
  31. It was … then she slept with Ezra
  32. Fess up Hanna
  33. Emily is rocking the shirt and braces look
  34. Was the whole stealing Ezra’s keys thing only “a few days ago”?
  35. This episode title’s right, he is the Talented Mr Rollins
  36. A little bit surprised Hanna would happily go in to a barn days after being kidnapped
  37. Dolls that Charlotte gave her?
  38. They’ve got their names too – creepy
  39. Well it didn’t take long for that secret to come out – all of like 4 episodes
  40. Emily’s got a date! I give it like 2 episodes before it’s over
  41. The start of the flashback made me jump out of my skin! I was not expecting that
  42. I don’t buy this speech from Caleb
  43. Do you really love him though Spencer?
  44. Why couldn’t like 8 more hours wait, Em? Toby is having an engagement meal, you know.
  45. That’s right, Spencer had a drug issue
  46. Finally, someone’s suggested going to the cops
  47. And they’ve ruled that idea out as soon as they come up with it
  48. That slinky little sleepwear number looks kind of ridiculous – why are there straps there? Is it some fashion I don’t understand?
  49. 1958, so is Elliot Rollins not Elliot Rollins?
  50. How did Alison send that text to Emily if she’s pretending to be asleep?
  51. Elliot should have put her in the back seat of a car that had a child lock on, then that wouldn’t have happened
  52. Oh my God!
  53. How would that even happen?
  54. Has someone ever actually died in a car accident like that though? Seriously?

Next weeks episode is Hit and Run, Run, Run…