Whilst this show has been airing in the US since April, with the finale airing later this week, it’s only just started in the UK. It’s a show I’ve been looking forward to since I heard about it last year. Here are my thoughts on the Pilot:

  1. Did that just say Day 13?
  2. This is the Pilot – right?
  3. *Checks sky planner* yup
  4. Who just knocks a pregnant woman over?
  5. Wow – a lot has happened in like, less than 2 minutes …
  6. Ahh Day one – now this makes sense
  7. This was done by the lady who works on the Vampire Diaries and The Originals – I wonder how many vets of those shows appear in this, I already know of two
  8. Wow, you never really think of how easy it is to spread a virus – I would never have thought of a pen being an issue
  9. Chris Wood is a beautiful man – he was very good as a psycho in TVD
  10. So she won’t touch his hand but she’ll touch a table that countless other people have touched?
  11. This is going to be quite a big ensemble cast show – it’s going to be interesting to try and keep up with what’s going on …
  12. Ooh snotty nose and coughing up blood, that’s a crap combination – though I guess just coughing up blood would be just as suck to be honest, there’s rarely ever any coming back from that
  13. Man on the bottom right looks like he’s in pain with the kids singing
  14. Why wasn’t the hospital put on lock down sooner?
  15. Uh oh
  16. I don’t think that is just allergies
  17. It was a shame that the news didn’t get to the hospital about keeping it on lockdown before the kids got there
  18. Doctor Bobby looks a bit peaky too, doesn’t he?
  19. Don’t touch each other – I’m not a mother but if my nieces or nephews were scared, I’m pretty sure I would hug them for comfort.
  20. Keep 4 to 6 feet apart – who knows how far that is without a tape measure?
  21. Sabine? That’s a name from ‘The Originals’ is Julie Plec just recycling?
  22. I hadn’t even thought about the race of the infected man – I just assumed they wanted him because he was sick and carrying a virus.
  23. Definitely didn’t even think of it as bio-terrorism because the man was from Syria
  24. How do you contain an illness – if it’s in the air, then it’s in the air, right?
  25. I don’t know what’s worse – someone attempting to call someone 10 times and not giving up, or the person that’s being called not answering on the first call to tell him to leave her alone.
  26. Oh, she doesn’t want him to leave her alone
  27. Nice joke about releasing a virus on the world
  28. Good job at keeping those kids 4 to 6 feet away from each other
  29. Ah so this one’s a fluid base disease, not airborne … I get it now
  30. Tuesday?! How long has this disease been present in the city?
  31. I think she knows he’s infectious – she’s obviously been infected
  32. Why didn’t that guy have his mask down all the time
  33. And gross!
  34. I don’t think I have a strong enough stomach for this show!
  35. Why doesn’t the main doctor have a mask on?
  36. Did anyone bring that man’s aunt or whatever she was to the hospital with them?
  37. In fact, surely they should be bringing the whole family in?
  38. So that’s two out of the three known infected people dead?
  39. Could you imagine being patient zero’s attending and having that happen? It’s just not something I can comprehend – looking at someone, knowing that because of them there’s a good chance you’re going to die and how it’s going to happen
  40. They named a rat Justin Bieber – amazing!
  41. Well you sure showed them, being in lockdown on their night
  42. Oh poor Jake – he just seems to always be around when people sneeze
  43. Teresa’s bump seems to be bigger than it was at the start of the episode
  44. How do you put an entire city on lockdown?
  45. How do you stop people from driving in?
  46. Jake, why aren’t you wearing your face guard?!
  47. Oh poor Lex, he was just trying to make sure he had a good man on the job, he didn’t know what would happen to Jake
  48. Don’t they put this information on the news?
  49. I knew Dr Bobby didn’t look good!
  50. Imagine being the guy to clean that mess up
  51. Did that poor little girl genuinely just have allergies?
  52. Surely it would be best for all the kids to have a mask on in case any of them sneeze?
  53. I love old married couples – they’re so cute! They better not kill one of them off
  54. Why doesn’t anyone know what’s going on? If a policeman is telling you you can’t go home, it’s got to be for a good reason
  55. Hang on, the man that just attacked Xander, wasn’t he the one that got sneezed on by prisoner zero?

So, Lex and Xander both have their partners on the other side of the metal fence, there’s potentially some people on the wrong side of the fence and the best looking guy in the show is trapped with a lot of sneezing, contagious people – next week’s not looking good folks!