This week was episode four of Pretty Little Liars seventh season. This weeks episode was wrapping up the end of last weeks episode, with the return of some familiar faces my thoughts on the episode are below:

  1. Ah so this is picking up the start of the first episode of the season
  2. How is it first degree murder? It was an accident
  3. Why is it only Aria that has enough sense to go to the police?
  4. Surely they must know by now that all of this stuff is going to end up coming out?
  5. So is Ali drug addled – or just has more sense than the others?
  6. Well that car scene was a little intense
  7. I’m sure that’s not the sort of evening you had in mind after getting engaged, hey Toby?
  8. Also, ‘baby’? Did he ever call Spencer baby?
  9. Was Hanna covered in her own blood or Rollins?
  10. That’s definitely not Spencer’s blood
  11. You are indeed an idiot Caleb
  12. My heart’s swelling like the Grinch’s right now – Caleb’s wanted Spencer for a while!
  13. I’m not even a little bit sorry for Hanna to be honest. She needed to hear that.
  14. Those drugs wore off Ali quick
  15. Uh-oh … too quick it seems
  16. Are they going to make sure they do all of that stuff with gloved hands to stop finger prints?
  17. So is Spencer going to drink drive to the train station?
  18. Also, how is she going to get back to her house if she leaves Rollins’ car at the train station?
  19. Of course leaving a door wide open isn’t going to cause suspicion
  20. How come neither Aria nor Ali are covered in dirt?
  21. The guys who bought Spencer a drink looks familiar
  22. Ali is taking being strapped up surprisingly well
  23. It’s quite nice to see Cece/Charlotte again
  24. Why did Rollins start something with Ali if he was in love with Cece/Charlotte?
  25. I can’t believe that he left that stuff in her room where people could find it
  26. Ali is being seriously calm about all this though.
  27. Hang on – so Hanna’s car got smashed, so who’s car were they driving back in the first place?
  28. For God’s sake Spencer! Stick to the plan
  29. Also, FYI, a quicky in the lift is worse than kissing someone
  30. What little men?
  31. Of course someone knows – haven’t you girls learnt how this thing works yet?!
  32. Jesus Mona! I thought the car actually knew how to drive
  33. Oh! They were torching Lucas’ car
  34. Wouldn’t that be too hot to drink? It literally just got poured out
  35. Spencer is me when I’m drunk – a right mess … only I haven’t murdered anyone or had anyone followed my every move…
  36. “I know we need a cover” are you really going to say that in front of your waiter, Aria?!
  37. *Jack Nicholson in The Shining* Iiiitttt’s Jenna!
  38. I thought she wouldn’t be back until next week
  39. Is Jenna referring to her house blowing up from like a couple of seasons ago?
  40. That’s got to be at least, what, 6 years?
  41. Doesn’t she have a new house yet?
  42. Just not the whole truth
  43. So she didn’t come in to celebrate Toby’s engagement?
  44. Isn’t Toby’s dad still married to Jenna’s mum?
  45. Ooh what happened 3 years ago?
  46. Honestly Hanna, it sounds like you’ve got PTSD
  47. Sides from the whole hitting Hanna with a car thing in season one, Mona is a pretty loyal friend
  48. Don’t think he’s going to be in the closet Spence
  49. Surely at 22 Ali is allowed to say who is allowed to see her – like ‘keep that woman who looks like my mother away from me!’
  50. “Please keep all this to yourselves” – Toby, these are the girls who keep everything to themselves, even when they shouldn’t.
  51. Sooo what about all the fingerprints you guys have left all over that car?
  52. Was Jenna’s surname always Marshall? I thought it was something else ….
  53. *Quick IMDB check* Apparently it’s always been Marshall …

Join me next week for my thoughts on episode 5; ‘Along Comes Mary’