So half the city is in quarantine – the other half is free to do what they want, including worrying about those they love who are on the wrong side of the fence. According to the promo there’s a girl who should be on the quarantined side of the fence but isn’t. Lex sent his friend Jake (they’re both policemen) to bring Patient Zero in in order to stop the spread of the disease – Patient Zero is dead and Jake is stuck in the hospital under super quarantine after his exposure to Patient Zero.

Let’s see what this week’s episode has in store for us:

  1. Ooh they’re doing a recap – that’s good
  2. Nice quote from Socrates there
  3. I can’t really understand what the doctor is saying, he sounded muffled under the mask
  4. Oh ok, I don’t think it’s something I need to actually pay much attention to if they’re jumping from the autopsy to the bossy lady
  5. I don’t know if I like the bossy lady
  6. Well, the little girl’s still ok – that’s good
  7. The attending of Patient Zero doesn’t look too good though
  8. Well that was gross
  9. Were there opening credits last week?
  10. Well the comment about race and police brutality was a little close to home, considering the state the world’s in right now
  11. Oh Lex, you shouldn’t have promised her a timescale – it’ll only let her down when you’re longer than that
  12. Jake is pissed at Lex
  13. I like the teacher (I’m having an issue with names at the moment)
  14. ‘Live fast, die young’ … ok they are good rules to live by if you think you’re about to die, but Teresa is pregnant, should probably continue living like she thinks she’s going to make it out
  15. I’d look pretty sullen too if someone invaded my safe place
  16. Oh yeah, sex would be out of the window if you can’t exchange bodily fluids
  17. ‘Once it’s out, it’s out’ …. Looks like it’s out Lex …
  18. Who tries to teach during a quarantine?
  19. Ahh the old man and his love for his wife … it’s so cute
  20. Oh come on bossy lady – do you think if he was going to compromise himself that he would have done it by now!
  21. Look at his arms!
  22. I’d be useless in this situation … too easily distracted
  23. At least the kids are having a good time
  24. I think teacher lady likes Jake
  25. If Jake’s not answering your calls, why do you think he’d be happy to help, Lex?
  26. How is all that food going to last for 48 hours?
  27. Oh, that’s how
  28. Or maybe not
  29. How did so many people not make it home?
  30. That random white girl looks a lot older than the kid they bought in
  31. That English doctor (or wherever he’s from) ended up with blood all over him during the autopsy – didn’t he?
  32. Is he safe to be around other people?
  33. I understand this woman is stressed because she’s worried her family will be deported (despite, you know, the likelihood they’re going to die) but why won’t she help the cops?
  34. What do people not understand about staying 4-6 feet away from people?
  35. And body liquid … what’s wrong with people?
  36. This show may be bringing out the secret germaphobe in me
  37. This reporter guy is kind of annoying
  38. But he has a point – if the terrorists aren’t claiming it they can’t claim it as an act of bioterrorism
  39. There’s no way that girl is 15
  40. She’s 15 and her parents don’t know where she is? Well, ok then
  41. Ooh so she’s inside the cordon – that’s good
  42. Just not for the people who were in the house last night
  43. Poor Jake – can’t he have a day off
  44. You mean if, don’t sugar coat it – there’s a chance they’re not getting out anytime soon
  45. You got it teacher lady, well done for challenging him
  46. Doctor man, that’s not a reasonable excuse
  47. I’m loving the music in this
  48. Which is probably not the point of this all important scene where they are trying to find a possibly infected girl.
  49. This old couple are like my grandparents – they’re so cute
  50. This lady better be ok …
  51. Oh it’s just Teresa
  52. I thought the grandmother was on the other side of the cordon
  53. Well that was obviously going to happen
  54. There are going to be a lot of sick kids following that party
  55. Is this really how 15 year olds behave in America?
  56. I was the lame geek who never really did anything
  57. Oh poor Jake, I’d be pissed too
  58. Well at least the sick girl doesn’t seem to be angry at the sick boy who made her ill and infect all of her friends
  59. Oh finally, a reaction from a victim that I can relate to
  60. You don’t get the healthy people out Lex, come on
  61. Things are going to go to crap in the cordon part of the city now that it’s longer than 48 hours
  62. Poor teacher lady being kept in the hospital until the cordon’s over completely
  63. I think Jake is a good guy – just a misguided good guy
  64. My beta blockers don’t work that fast!
  65. Yes Jake, stay!
  66. What does he know that he can’t say … have I missed something?
  67. Oh what are the policemen doing?
  68. I like Xander, what a way to make his girlfriend feel better
  69. Don’t do it Xander, that fence is electric
  70. Were both of these girls in the care system?
  71. What a joke to make – lady who’s name I have literally no idea of
  72. Interesting way to make a wall

Well it looks like quite a lot is happening in the promo for next week’s episode – so much so I couldn’t quite keep up! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store!