I knew nothing about this episode going (normally I read spoilers) here are the thoughts I had whilst watching this weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars:

  1. Oh thank God, for a minute I thought Ali was blindly following ‘Aunty’ Mary around
  2. There was a lot of dark clothing in that opening scene – everyone, bar Ali, looked like they could have been going to a funeral
  3. Surely ‘Elliott’ realised how much Alison loved Charlotte?
  4. Ooooh new theory! What if ‘Elliott’ killed Charlotte and managed to convince himself someone else did it?
  5. Two bottles of wine? Good job girls!
  6. Emily really is doing incredibly well with this whole ‘university’ thing
  7. Yay! Ezra’s back
  8. What a bitch of a professor – couldn’t she have at least come out and spoke to Emily?
  9. Uh-oh … they’ve found ‘Elliott’s’ car …
  10. Ooh was ‘Elliott’ was trying to save Ali?
  11. Ali is allowed out of the house without ‘Aunty’ Mary? Does ‘Aunty’ Mary know this?
  12. Who on earth has a burner apartment?
  13. Yes! For the love of God, do nothing! Let the police do their damn jobs girls
  14. Bet she has no money left
  15. Knew it
  16. Ah how cute is Ezra? Leaving little notes and coffee
  17. Wait … dead Nicole….?
  18. Also, why is Ezra’s background a picture of him and his dead ex?
  19. Poor Emily’s mum … I keep forgetting Emily’s dad’s died
  20. Woah … she didn’t sit that exam
  21. Ahhh … that’s how she managed it
  22. What does AD stand for?
  23. Poor Spence, having to ask Hanna for help in locating Caleb
  24. Love how Hanna’s having to act natural but is also being asked to do things that are so not natural to her too
  25. Yes Aria, day drinking is always good!
  26. Boo Emily, thinking is not.
  27. Will these girls ever believe in the value of a well thought out plan?
  28. Wasn’t Emily trying to get Aria’s arse in that car a minute ago? Now it’s ok to stand and chat… awkwardly?
  29. Ooh if her getting her money back rests on the police finding ‘Elliott’ then Alison is screwed!
  30. The cops of Rosewood couldn’t find Alison when she was missing – as if they’re going to find ‘Elliott’ when he’s dead and buried 6ft under… then again, this is Pretty Little Liars – anything is possible
  31. ‘Toby-wan-kenobi’? I don’t know whether the person responsible for that line deserves a raise or to be fired
  32. Obviously Toby knows where Caleb is
  33. So does she really not remember him or is she bluffing?
  34. I feel like a quickie in the lift wouldn’t be easily forgotten
  35. Well, at least Jenna’s not lying about knowing ‘Elliott’
  36. Seriously though – why would Jenna care if Charlotte was dead or not?
  37. Dead body in the murphy bed…. There’s got to be a dead body in the murphy bed
  38. Oh no … just a fake head
  39. Oh for crying out loud … what the hell is Sara Harvey doing back?
  40. I was excited by Jenna’s return, but if she’s going to be paired up with Sara, I don’t know if I’ll like this.
  41. Emily should get a job within the CIA
  42. Come on Hanna, be honest and tell Spencer you dumped the boring guy who’s name I can’t remember
  43. Twelfth Night is my favourite Shakespeare play
  44. So is AD using Archer Dunhill’s initials?
  45. Why would Toby be doing this on his own?
  46. ‘Did you touch anything?’ …. Oh Toby, only like, everything
  47. ‘Martin Fury’ really sounds like a really bad superhero name
  48. Rosewood P.D. really aren’t the brightest, are they…
  49. Oh my God, did ‘Elliott’ survive? No way … they can’t have two people having escaped from being buried alive.
  50. This Sabrina chick’s a bit odd … I can’t work out whether it’s nervousness or planned jitters
  51. How does Sara know that?
  52. Oh … Toby totally didn’t, though did he? I mean, if we learnt anything from last week’s episode it’s that Jenna and Toby aren’t getting on.
  53. Oh, did they not want to lead the police to Baltimore?
  54. The girls have got a lot of sharing on what happened today
  55. Why are all the lights out but the coffee store is still open?
  56. That doesn’t seem like a good move Ezra
  57. But loads of candles is!
  58. Is he going to propose?!
  59. He’s totally going to propose
  60. Oh my God! He’s proposing!
  61. And Aria’s not going to say a thing about Nicole calling him earlier
  62. And the point of Noel Kahn’s reappearance is ….?

Join me for my thoughts on next week’s episode, Wanted: Dead or Alive …