Ok, so, the virus is now outside the hospital but still within the cordon. Load of kids are sick – including the friend of the pregnant girl Teresa, who kissed Teresa on the cheek. And they’ve bought in those containers you find on big ships in order to make sure no one from the outside gets in but, more importantly, to make sure no one from the cordon gets out.

Let’s see what this week has in store ….

  1. Oh so it was always ‘once the city has been virus free for 48 hours’ not just after 48 hours ….
  2. Those quotes aren’t up long enough in order to read
  3. They’re soldering the access to the sewers?! Wow, that is thorough
  4. Shipping containers! That’s what they are
  5. Are people attacking Muslims in the cordon? That’s disgusting
  6. Oh well Lex has hit the big time – being allowed to talk on the important podium
  7. That man can’t be the only man who supplies rats
  8. ‘Do everything to keep them comfortable’ sounds like what vets do with animals
  9. Jake is definitely strong – look at those arms!
  10. I do like these opening credits
  11. An emoji?! What emoji would have represented that?
  12. Oh a prison bar, good shout
  13. Ways to stop your other half being mad at you, be stupidly soppy!
  14. I can’t work out if Leo Green is a vigilante or just an arsehole
  15. So all those kids get to go away with their parents – except one?
  16. Well two, I guess teacher lady has to stay to look after the little girl
  17. ‘Are you ok?’ what a loaded question
  18. Oh is that what those signs mean? An infected house
  19. Excuse me … ‘snowpocalypse’?
  20. Why does he think that Lex knows all the answer? He’s like the lowest on the chain
  21. 400 to 1? Wow that is a lot
  22. Hang on … is it Leo Green or Grey?
  23. How are people dying, not in the hospital?
  24. This is all make up and fake, right?
  25. Just scaremongering, right?
  26. According to IMDB Leo doesn’t have a surname
  27. Does Jake have to photograph all the bodies before he burns them? That’s horrible
  28. Should you really be answering your phone and putting it near your face when touching dead bodies
  29. Though I guess the doctor did say the disease dies within a couple of hours
  30. 11 …. 11 police men in the entire cordon?
  31. Ha! I thought he said ‘I’m worried about your period’, made me chuckle, then I realised what he actually said
  32. Good on Xander keeping an eye on the news in order to keep Teresa calm
  33. Yup, your mum is going to hell, Teresa
  34. Aw, it’s nice for the kid to go up to the roof and get some fresh air
  35. Thomas?!
  36. I thought that kid was a girl
  37. Who would touch a child when they’re obviously sick?!
  38. What kind of dickhead move was that?
  39. Oh they did mention that the virus causes hallucinations, he probably didn’t realise it was a child
  40. But still, why would you touch anyone?
  41. I would like to think that this show would be above killing a child off – but this is Julie Plec, breaker of hearts
  42. Does this also mean that the virus is airborne now?
  43. How did that man get sick if he hasn’t been near any sick people?
  44. Look at them enjoying dinner and a glass of wine – all civilised and stuff
  45. Seriously, how does no one else have rats?!
  46. Have they washed the blood after Thomas’s hand?
  47. Would you really want food that has come from outside
  48. Why are these guys being so selfish?
  49. And childish
  50. What the hell is wrong with people – they’ve just been told to stay in quarantine for 48 hours not ‘go outside and fend for yourself’
  51. I hope that guys has been infected
  52. What sort of red neck move is this?
  53. Yes Jake! Rocking up just in time
  54. The actress that plays Rosette looks like she could have been a vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  55. Why has Baker taken his mask off
  56. No one signed up for a suicide mission – you dickhead
  57. They’re using emoji’s to each other – how cute
  58. I strongly dislike Sabine
  59. Does Lex ignore her though? I mean, at the start of the first episode there were people breaking through the containers
  60. I’m still convinced that that little boy is a girl
  61. Why is no on getting how serious this issue is – I get you want to spend the time you may have left with your child but is putting yourself and everyone else at risk really worth it?
  62. Just a lady’s face?
  63. I thought they hadn’t said it was bio-terrorism for definite
  64. Looks like it’s definitely becoming airborne
  65. Check Lex out breaking the rules
  66. I really feel for Jake – his situation genuinely sucks, as does everyone else’s but he’s now got all this added responsibility that he didn’t ask for
  67. On a side note on responsibility – I really don’t trust the doctor man. I feel like there’s something else going on with him
  68. Well that answers the earlier question of ‘will you shoot if anyone finds a way out’?
  69. At least everyone has bullet proof vests now though
  70. This is not going to end well for this man
  71. He looks like he could be sick
  72. Oh Baker!
  73. Surely that’s a reason to keep fighting though – you’d want to protect your wife and child
  74. He’s keeping their ashes in jars!
  75. Is it weird to think that’s so thoughtful
  76. Is Jake accepting his responsibility?
  77. Oh maybe not
  78. Ah teacher lady believes in you Jake!
  79. Positive thinking Jake, that’s the key
  80. So do the sick people not have to go to hospital anymore?
  81. They can just die wherever?
  82. What happens if someone’s sick and then they get over it? How are people going to know and how is the doctor supposed to work on it?
  83. So they cut the internet to stop people from spreading fear … I kind of get it
  84. Why did Lex’s telephone call get cut off though if it was just internet that’s gone down
  85. I think it is somehow your fault
  86. Don’t you dare blame Lex

So the promo started to make it look like there was hope on the horizon for the people in the cordon, but judging by the looks of the rest of the promo, that’s not going to happen. On the plus side for Jake, teacher lady and her son – Quentin, is it? – it looks like they actually get to make it out of the hospital ….