So last week a little boy (who I thought was a girl) had blood coughed up on him. He was dragged away by his father under gunpoint. Theo’s friends (the ones who have been giving him tips from the inside) have caught the virus. Which I think means that the virus is now airborne. Things just aren’t looking good in the cordon right now.

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about all the Wi-Fi//signal going down
  2. Again with the quote bot being up long enough
  3. Why aren’t the sick people going to hospital
  4. I think he’s lying
  5. Lex doesn’t look comfortable
  6. Jenna thinks he’s lying too
  7. Lex is such a decent human being – I hope he survives this
  8. Has it been officially said that it’s airborne yet?
  9. I feel like it’s time
  10. So is she on anti-anxiety meds?
  11. I love how Jake is taking responsibility, even though he doesn’t want to
  12. Teacher lady’s son is cute
  13. Chris Wood’s smile is so damn cute
  14. I’m going to have such mixed feelings about Kai the next time I watch season 6 of The Vampire Diaries
  15. I wish I could build a phone – that would be so cool
  16. Well he obviously wants something
  17. There we go
  18. Thing is, they were in quarantine for over 48 hours before cell phones cut out – why didn’t everyone let their loved ones know where they were?
  19. Surely if he was so concerned about his friends in the cordon, he wouldn’t have posted that story and got them cut off from humanity – even if they did want him to
  20. Why is Teresa’s mother so set against her daughter having her baby
  21. I love how determined she is with true love
  22. What was that?
  23. Who is that?
  24. Oh he seems like a normal man
  25. I feel like he could be dangerous if her wanted to be though
  26. His vest looks pretty ripe too … to be honest …
  27. I like Lex, he seems like such a good man
  28. Oh those poor rats!
  29. I know it’s supposed to be for the good of humanity and stuff, but animals don’t get a say in things like this.
  30. Who gets to say whose life is more important than others? Even if they are animals
  31. Love Jake – putting himself in the position to get the medication for the teacher lady.
  32. No!
  33. Don’t shoot Xander!
  34. Lex!
  35. No!
  36. He just wanted to reach the mother of his baby!
  37. Surely the issue is with people getting out, not people going in? If they want to risk their lives, let them!
  38. I guess one of the primary characters had to die at some point though – otherwise this show would get boring if everyone we were invested in survived.
  39. Also, how was this part only like 5 minutes long? That’s stupid
  40. Xander’s alive!
  41. They shot him with a bean bag?
  42. I guess that’s one day to keep the casualties down
  43. I feel like Jenna and her friend have been friends for a long time
  44. They keep talking about each other’s mothers
  45. Thank you Xander! Asking the questions we want answered
  46. Wow, so she is ready to pop!
  47. When the show started it said ’12 days previously’ … right?
  48. All of this happens in 12 days?!
  49. Wow
  50. I still can’t work out what side Theo is on
  51. He seems to be completely against the Government but every now and again wants the Government’s help.
  52. His neck looks like it’s at a funny angle ….
  53. Oh, he’s a junky
  54. Why is that woman making her 9 month pregnant daughter work
  55. And why are they not wearing face masks?
  56. What are they doing back?
  57. Why are people such assholes in situations like this?
  58. Jesus what is going on now?
  59. I’ve completely missed my thoughts on the exchange between Jake and the Doctor
  60. Is Lex practicing his speech?
  61. Yeah, it looks like he is in the toilets
  62. I really feel for Lex, he is trying to do the right thing but he is being used as a puppet
  63. That’s right Lex, you make your choice!
  64. Jake’s so cute!
  65. The men are out of quarantine
  66. That dude is a dick – he realises he wouldn’t be in this position if he wasn’t cheating on his wife, right?
  67. If someone is smart enough to build a phone with barely any input from other people, then that person should be allowed to use the phone first
  68. Dammit Lex, why didn’t you answer your phone?!
  69. If he’s gone in Lex, just let him go – that was his decision
  70. Seriously, those poor rats
  71. I just wish I knew what a solution would be
  72. Jake likes teacher lady!
  73. That’s not fair, they got to talk for like 5 seconds!
  74. I think Lex is going to be the next one to break ranks, he knows this is stupid too
  75. Has the ‘stay more than 4 feet away from people’ rule been thrown away now then?
  76. It probably would take the signal going out on phones to stop people from staring at their phones all day
  77. How is it teacher lady’s fault if her baby daddy didn’t want to get clean?
  78. It’s ironic that the people getting close are the people who shouldn’t be getting close right now
  79. Is Theo using Xander as a spy from the inside?
  80. Both of Theo’s friends have died
  81. He’s a dick, but it’s heart breaking
  82. But also, that’s putting Xander at risk, especially if he is then going over to his pregnant girlfriend
  83. So apparently not everyone’s forgotten the four to six feet rule …
  84. What a way to get a message to someone!
  85. That’s beautiful.

And apparently E4 have decided to stop showing promotional videos for the following week’s episode … whatever happens next week is going to be a surprise in that case!