I haven’t seen an episode in a week and a half so I can’t really remember what happened in the last episode. I remember Jenna and Sara being pally. The girls just getting up to all kinds of mischief. Oh and Ezra proposing to Aria! Let’s see how things pan out this week

  1. No engagement ring … guessing it was a no then?
  2. Did she tell him about Nicole?
  3. Oh no, guess not
  4. Oh right yeah, Rollins was ‘seen’ behind a wheel after he died
  5. Why on earth these girls don’t just go to the police is beyond me
  6. That jacket does not match the rest of the outfit
  7. Obviously only wearing it to make a point
  8. I agree Aria, you do need to stop group texting each other if you’re all going to act like that every time you do
  9. Did she completely refuse him?!
  10. The Ezria fans of the world must be heartbroken
  11. Rollins did not have a Welsh accent
  12. The cops of Rosewood really don’t have a clue, do they?
  13. Marco? So Spencer is on first name terms with lift-cop now then?
  14. What the hell happened after that marriage proposal?
  15. Hang on – Hanna has a degree?
  16. Ooh creepy someone’s hidden a phone on her
  17. Oh that’s even creepier
  18. Why is it that when one of them has the right idea to go to the damn police, another one of them tries to talk them out of it?
  19. If they just went to the police things would get resolved so much quicker and then AD wouldn’t have a hold over any of them
  20. Ooh Jenna’s in room 303 and that’s where Sara’s gone
  21. Why would you name a hotel ‘Lost Woods’?
  22. Is Mary genuinely scared about Rollins? Or this all an act?
  23. That jumper that Aria’s wearing really is horrible
  24. Do you think these girls have ever clicked that if they weren’t friends with Ally when they were 14 that they wouldn’t be in this crap now?
  25. Finally Hanna’s telling someone that she’s broken up with Jordan
  26. How is she so level headed all of a sudden?
  27. What cop of Rosewood is that?!
  28. There’s a part of me that prefers these male bonding scenes to the girls repeating the same ‘don’t go to the police’ mistakes
  29. Did Emily volunteer to take the drinks up?
  30. For goodness sake Emily, you’ve just put down 2 drinks. There’s obviously someone else there with Jenna
  31. Go Emily!
  32. How is everyone Charlotte’s friend all of a sudden?
  33. How is Jenna Marshall – who is blind – supposed to find anyone?!
  34. She’s blind for crying out loud
  35. So Charlotte knew that Mrs De wasn’t her mother?
  36. Why would you go and visit the sister of the one person you despise above all others?
  37. What room in the Hastings home are they in? Spencer’s barn?
  38. Bravo Caleb for showing her she can hurt again!
  39. So Spencer has given up on their relationship all together now then?
  40. Sure looks like it
  41. I’d been wondering that too Ally
  42. I’m getting all kinds of mixed feelings when it comes to Mary Drake
  43. I’m struggling to work out if she’s lying or not
  44. Aria wants to say yes!
  45. I’d like to think that he would stay with her.
  46. They’ve been through so damn much together
  47. Imagine how shit Ally must be feeling right now – the one person she loved unconditionally lied to her and knew so much more than she let on
  48. I’m surprised that they would let Ally drink following her release from the sanatorium she was in
  49. That’s why he looked weird earlier – it’s another plastic mask.
  50. So it’s all known now that Caleb and Hanna are supposed to be together now then?
  51. No!
  52. No Ally! What have you done?!
  53. Holy crap!
  54. How did she get smashed in to a mirror and somehow not bled?
  55. But she needs stitches?
  56. Righto
  57. It’s not looking good for Aria and Ezra right now
  58. The emotional distress these girls go through is so sad
  59. Yay! He’s proposing again!
  60. And she’s said yes!
  61. And in 20 years’ time she’s going to remember that moment and think of the ugly ass sweater she was wearing
  62. I think Sara’s going to die
  63. I think they’re going to find Sara’s body.
  64. Or it is Rollins and he is still dead
  65. Or at least there’s a body with his face there
  66. Running water is never a good sign
  67. I knew it!
  68. That poor maid
  69. Now who’s back in black and wearing the masks?

Halfway through the episode I remembered that Noel Kahn appeared at the end of the last episode. I’m assuming he is the one that Sara was warning Emily about. I wonder if he’s somehow related to Rollins. Guess we’ll find out answers (and more questions) next week!