So the beautiful people of Chelsea are in the South of France, Ollie has decided that he definitely wants a man this summer – but doesn’t seem as thrilled about this as Binky does. Francis Boulle (one of my favourite gingers) is back and obviously smitten with Olivia Bentley (from Bentley cars). Tiff and Steph have decided to try and be civil to one another for the sake of the group. Let’s see what this week has in store for the beautiful people!

  1. “Do you remember it or did you blackout?” This question is obviously going to be from Binky to Mytton
  2. She should be use to him blacking out by now
  3. What does the text message say that’s causing such amazingly fake reactions?
  4. “I got ploughed by Alex Mytton” Wow. Way to be up front about it
  5. Ooh who did Toff see?
  6. Yes! Sam! You take the piss
  7. Have to feel a bit shit for Boulle who asked Olivia out last episode
  8. Toff and Francis?!
  9. “Oh? Boulle? Nice!” That would be my reaction too Toff
  10. I was thinking the same thing Steph
  11. I still think Steph deserved to have been treated better than she was last series.
  12. That bottle of Moet must be warm?
  13. Though cute little cycle ride is adorable
  14. Jamie’s using ‘humour’ to deflect how he’s really feeling
  15. These boys gossip way more than the girls I know
  16. … well, most of the girls I know …
  17. You might escape the SW postcode but you can’t escape the longing looks across the water with emotional music playing in the background.
  18. “We shagged” Olivia really does know how to get to the point.
  19. “Good luck with keeping your dick in your pants” I’m not entirely sure you actually are ok with all this Olivia.
  20. That bandana really does clash with the shirt Jamie’s wearing
  21. It’s a bit pathetic to be honest Frankie, very tit for tat
  22. “Oh Jamie did it so I can do it too”
  23. Don’t sink to Jamie’s level, rise above it girl!
  24. Toff seems to have a type for entrepreneurs – first Rich and now Francis
  25. Toff has never sounded so common as when she said “coffee”
  26. I never really got the impression that Boulle could do ‘fun’ though
  27. Two out of four girls stayed in Jamie’s bed?!
  28. It’s good that Frankie trusts Jamie
  29. Why do these girls keep meddling?
  30. How civilised, cards and wine in the afternoon
  31. “I fucking hate gossips” Jamie is like one of the biggest gossips ever
  32. Poor Sam, being treated like a pack mule
  33. Louise needs to get over this. Steph was treated like crap last series just for saying she though Alex was cute. All Steph said this time was she was wondering how people would react to Olivia sleeping with Alex.
  34. Which was truly justified
  35. You do need his help Louise
  36. You need to swallow that sour lemon you have
  37. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to give Binky a French lesson?
  38. I love Mark-Francis when he’s being funny though
  39. He has me in stitches
  40. I don’t think I like Tiffs hair that length
  41. Why don’t they talk to Jamie first as opposed to just repeating things third hand?
  42. God, Alex is such a skeeze
  43. “Should have got with him”
  44. Right, well it appears that neither of you are actually mature enough to be in this relationship, Frankie.
  45. Was it planned to take a camera with you Olivia, or do you just always take a camera on your dates?
  46. How is she doing it to spite you when earlier in the episode you told her that it was ok if she went on the date with him?
  47. I can’t work out whether Olivia is genuinely getting tongue tied or if this is just bad ‘acting’
  48. Jamie! Don’t try and drink a bottle of red because you’re upset
  49. That’s never going to end well
  50. At least they’re trying to get all the stuff out in the air
  51. I really do feel shit for Jamie
  52. He’s trying hard
  53. “You girls and your gossip”
  54. Sam, if you’d just kept your mouth shut, this wouldn’t even be an issue right now
  55. Or at least Jamie wouldn’t be pissed at you
  56. Because Alex is totally getting away from it
  57. Eurgh, I hate girls like Frankie – just let him talk for crying out loud
  58. Frankie can’t keep throwing this ‘two girls in your bed’ stuff at him, she knew what he was like when she agreed to be his girlfriend
  59. Jamie, if she’s going to act like that – you’re better off without her.
  60. Keep your chin up!
  61. I really do want to go to the South of France now because of this show
  62. I assumed the wine tasting was supposed to be a date with Boulle and Olivia?
  63. Apparently it’s a group activity
  64. Surely if there is one person who will know if you spit or swallow, it’s your ex-boyfriend Binky.
  65. And there we go! I knew that was going to be where the quote at the start came from
  66. Of course he’s being quite – you’ve been gossiping about him behind his back
  67. If he’d kept it quiet Tiff and then you found out he knew, you would have gone banana’s Tiff
  68. Seriously, why can’t people just keep their mouths shut on this show?
  69. “He wasn’t coming on to her, he was just being touchy feely” ignorance, thy name is Tiffany Watson
  70. “Give me more wine …” and whatever the rest of that quote was – that should be the motto of my life
  71. I’ve said it several times – but Steph is incredibly in the right
  72. Good boy Francis, trying to be the responsible adult and keep the situation calm
  73. Hang on – how did the French guy end up at the wine tasting?
  74. Hang on! Who on Earth has Louise been seeing in London?!
  75. Is it going to be someone we already know?
  76. Poor Alik
  77. I feel heartbroken for him
  78. Toff seems to fall too hard for guys too fast
  79. It’s not Olivia’s fault
  80. I’m slowly losing respect for Toff and Jess
  81. That’s a shame, I really liked them
  82. “I wasn’t going to talk to you around the table” but you bought up the Mytton thing at the table?!
  83. Oh Sam … you have such a big mouth!
  84. I feel like Binks is just sat there like ‘you should have all seen this coming’

Boulle stayed with Toff again? But he’s still offering dates to Olivia? Also, Jamie’s had some work done to his hair – it does not appear to be receding as much as it used to. So who has Louise been seeing now – he looks a bit like Andy Jordan … Johnson …. Whatever his name was. I’m looking forward to seeing what ridiculous drama enfolds next week!