So in the previous episode – teacher lady and Jake believe they’re being lied to and Jake has passed this information on to Lex who is outside of the cordon who is going to investigate. A police officer ‘accidentally’ ended up in the cordon and is apparently working on a secret mission for Lex’s boss. Food packages were being given to everyone in the cordon however a gang stole most of it in order to sell it back to the people. Things are really not looking good for people in the cordon.

Let’s see if conditions improve, shall we ….

  1. Oh they’re mentioning the boy (who I thought was a girl) who got infected
  2. Does this mean he’s someone important
  3. Has it taken me this long to realise that the quotes at the start of the episode contains the name of the episode?
  4. Teresa’s mum is so nice to Xander
  5. But see, Xander was right – that dude is sick
  6. It is gross that they blamed it on a middle eastern guy teacher lady
  7. And yes, I know teacher lady’s name is Katie – I prefer teacher lady
  8. Thomas is on his own? And they didn’t want to make him sick?
  9. So he’s alive still – despite being exposed to the virus before his family
  10. And Thomas’s dad is dead?
  11. A two month old warrant? Why is that of use?
  12. The lady on the news is right it is sick to celebrate baseball when there are four thousand people stuck in a cordon
  13. Four thousand people?! And there’s only 7 officers in there with Jake.
  14. Holy crap
  15. Did they just say all this started 9 days ago?
  16. It feels way longer than that.
  17. He’s going to go kill Joe-Joe
  18. Yup
  19. There you go
  20. Why have they taken Xander and Teresa hostage anyway?
  21. What use is a heavily pregnant girl to them?
  22. Rooftop man is a total hero
  23. And those dickheads weren’t going to let him in after the 48 hours are up
  24. I like that Lex and Leo are going to start working together
  25. I agree with Lex, Leo should get up and do something in order to honour his friends.
  26. You should let teacher lady come with you Jake
  27. The kid will trust her, he won’t necessarily trust you
  28. I love that it still says ‘Outside of the cordon’
  29. I think we’re fairly familiar with who is currently in and outside the cordon
  30. So why has Hank decided to chain himself inside a building
  31. Why doesn’t Leo just go on his own, instead of counting minutes down?
  32. This cop’s undercover, right?
  33. That child is so cute, covering his father up like that
  34. Obviously Quentin decided to follow his mother out in to the open
  35. But the guy’s only gone for today – right?
  36. I mean the baseball match/game/thing is only on for part of a day- it’s not like it’s now or never
  37. Why did it have to be within that 20 minutes?
  38. When and if the cordon’s lifted – will all the people who did bad things like steal and hold guns to people’s faces, will they get punished for that?
  39. Or will they have to either let it slide or be more lenient on them than they should due to extenuating circumstances?
  40. Why does Jake not keep his face covered like he’s supposed to?
  41. Did they not think to ask Quentin in the first place?
  42. So Teresa’s mum has finally stopped being a bitch?
  43. Are they going to go to the cute old couple?
  44. Is Teresa’s mum going to die?
  45. Does Hank have someone in the cordon?
  46. Oh
  47. This building allows him to see his daughter and makes sure that she’s ok
  48. Only she might not be ok
  49. I want Hanks daughter to be ok, but I feel like that might not be something we’ll find out
  50. What the hell is wrong with these assholes?
  51. Like them
  52. Will people like them get punished when the cordon gets lifted? The bloody deserve to be
  53. So Leo hasn’t given up?
  54. Good
  55. He’s forged the warrant
  56. How sad is it though that that man didn’t even get a chance to die of the virus – he was murdered
  57. I don’t think she tends to be friendly to anyone – not just strangers
  58. She couldn’t even let her boyfriend in
  59. Nope, Quentin has just found a very ill man
  60. Thomas doesn’t get sick
  61. He’s immune to the virus?
  62. He’s going to get needles stuck in him all over the place in order to find a vaccine
  63. Isn’t air con like a bad thing now?
  64. It blows air around everywhere?
  65. Oh, I didn’t think they would go there
  66. Let them in
  67. Why the hell is this man such a git?!
  68. She’s pregnant and you’re going to leave her to the mercy of those crazy men if they come back?
  69. It did not take long for Thomas to start being poked with needles
  70. I don’t trust that man.
  71. He’s bad!
  72. What does the USB stick that Jake gave Lex have on it?
  73. Jake, it’s been 9 days
  74. That’s not love
  75. Yes! Hanks daughter is ok!
  76. Not a lot in this series has made me cry – that has
  77. Do we think Teresa’s mum is going to make it?
  78. What the hell did Teresa’s mum think she was doing putting that phone in the bag?!
  79. Absolute lunacy
  80. She’s not going to survive next week – that’s for sure!

My predictions for next week: Teresa’s mum gets killed, Thomas gets poked with more needles when they realise that he is immune to the virus and Jake will tell Katie that he loves her and they have a shotgun wedding (ok that last one is probably a bit preposterous).