It’s been a while since I watched the previous episode (and it’s obviously been a while since I’ve posted anything). The important thing is that I remember (roughly) what’s happened previously, even if I can’t remember the specifics. So roughly it; bad virus, cordon, loads of death and blood, Chris Wood’s arms, a heavily pregnant girl and a guy willing to risk his life to get to her.

Let’s see what happened a couple of weeks ago on Containment ….

  1. Ooh “Containment is breached” interesting … show hasn’t even started yet! Thanks E4 voice lady!
  2. Who doesn’t smile? Lex? He’s certainly not had reason to smile recently
  3. Oh the stuff people are doing for food in the cordon
  4. This is horrible
  5. Why is that child on her own?
  6. I love the love between the old couple
  7. I’ve literally paid no attention to Lex’s girlfriend and her friend talking
  8. Good for Xander standing up to those men
  9. I really am naïve about the human race – in my head everyone should pull together to help each other through.
  10. Either I am amazingly naïve, or Julie Plec is envisioning the absolute worst case scenario
  11. I thought he was there before the quarantine too teacher lady
  12. Why are they literally taking one person among hundreds who’s sneezed?
  13. I mean, there are people dying all over the place (like Leo’s friends in the last episode), why is that one man being sent to the hospital?
  14. Well that cop’s going to get it now.
  15. Why does he not own up to the truth either?
  16. I get that no one wants to die, but why is everyone in this show so amazingly selfish?
  17. I’m kind of on board with Leo putting that video out now – no one seems to want to help them
  18. Especially not boss lady Sabine.
  19. Oh take that back – she’s going to start helping them?
  20. Oh, actually – she’s ‘attempting’ to help, but not really
  21. I really don’t trust her
  22. If they want to help the people in the cordon then they need to send more police officers in there
  23. Yes, you will (more than likely) have to deliver the baby, Jake
  24. What assholes behave like that? Are there only a handful of decent people in the cordon and the rest are bell-ends?
  25. I guess there’s kind of a plan in place for the food then
  26. What dickheads – I know they didn’t like the way they were treated the last time that they went to get food but they’re the reason they also have none of the food from that trip left. They acted like immature children and ate it all.
  27. Jake is only down to 7 police officers in the cordon? Oh crap!
  28. That system is never going to work
  29. And those men with guns are going to prove that
  30. Poor Xander, he doesn’t want to be involved in this
  31. Knew that would happen
  32. Ahh that’s why she’s on her own
  33. She’s going to end up dying on her own.
  34. I love Quentin eavesdropping
  35. And how teacher lady kinda just goes with it
  36. I really don’t like these men – I know we’re not supposed to but still
  37. Lex is following the rules, he has too.
  38. Why does everyone think he seems to be doing this just for lolz?
  39. Give her the salmon key
  40. Good boy
  41. Keep your mouth covered though
  42. Jake has become quite selfless throughout all this
  43. Teacher lady is well on the ball with this
  44. At least Jake knows that Xander’s ok and can feed it back to Lex
  45. Why are all these bad guys with guns, black?
  46. Was that a conscious decision? Or they just happened to be the best people for the parts?
  47. Don’t get me wrong, there are some complete assholes on this show who are white too.
  48. “They’re going to pay for it, that’s the point”
  49. Jake is going to suffer from PTSD if he survives this
  50. I’m getting anxious watching her run through the parking lot
  51. Yay the man from the roof is back
  52. I did not pay attention to Lex and his boss – I imagine it’s much of the same “People hate me because I’m following the rules”
  53. Put your mask back on Xander
  54. Good boy
  55. These guys are serious assholes
  56. I love this old couple
  57. They’re so cute together
  58. I love how they are trying to make the best out of the situation
  59. Though why have they not taken Teresa in? Surely that would be the best place for her to go?
  60. Oh, we’re back to Jake burning bodies again.
  61. This must be so much harder for him when it’s someone he knows
  62. That poor little girl died too – and all they know is that she’s called Sarah, that’s heart breaking
  63. There’s always something about this song that makes me sad, no matter which version I’m listening to.
  64. Yes teacher lady, he did
  65. Yeah, you had a crap day teacher lady – but Jake’s day was worse
  66. I like how these friends can banter even in this situation
  67. They’ve marked out four feet in the container so they don’t get too close
  68. So the other policy officer hasn’t shown up like he was supposed to?
  69. Oh, there he is
  70. He fell inside on purpose?
  71. What has he been asked to do?

Wow, that was a lot to take in in that episode!