In the last episode the Liars found out that Sara Harvey had ‘slipped in the shower’, discovered that Noel Khan was back and Ezria were planning to elope to Italy – only for the police to arrive at the last minute and say that Ezra’s (dead) ex may actually still be alive. Jason is also back but only really seems concerned with seeing one of his sister – I think that they may have forgotten that Spencer is supposed to be Jason’s sister too – and Aria, who has apparently hooked up with Jason somewhat recently. Jason doesn’t trust Mary. And the episode ended with an explosion.

What does this week’s episode have in store?

  1. How do they know that he’s been in the middle of this?
  2. Obviously Noel pushed the girl down the stairs at a party we hardly remember
  3. Why have you suddenly just decided it has to be Noel, Hanna?
  4. I knew those words had been written somewhere before
  5. Oh god, Caleb!
  6. Oh good, it was just a dream
  7. I hope her being a little bit of a whiney bitch was just a dream too
  8. “I hate breaking in new phones”
  9. You get stalked on a regular basis and you find that having a new phone is an inconvenience
  10. Come on Aria be honest about this call
  11. Well done
  12. So does Ezra still want to get married if they find out that Nicole is now alive?
  13. Ali’s going to go back to work?
  14. Has all of this really only happened in two weeks?
  15. The timescales on this show are preposterous
  16. “Thank God it’s Danish day”
  17. Is that a thing?
  18. I want to be a teacher in America if that’s a thing
  19. Emily working at the school would be good for Ali
  20. Kids are cruel nowadays
  21. Who would come up with a plan like that anyways?
  22. Why would Emily think that Ali wouldn’t be ok with her taking a job at the high school?
  23. Why doesn’t Aria go back to her home?
  24. Well actually, I guess she probably doesn’t want to be alone
  25. Do we think Mr Dr lost his license because of Mary Drake’s second baby
  26. Good of Emily, taking the blame for telling Aria to delete Nicole’s call
  27. Why is he being so stubborn over this?
  28. What is that weird psychic lady doing back?
  29. “Are you alone my dear?” surely she should know this if she’s psychic?
  30. Why are her eyes so blue?
  31. Spencer, using someone else’s dirty work to her own advantage
  32. I would write that address down on something more permanent than your hand Spencer
  33. Poor Mrs Grunwald, hearing the voices of those who died in Radley
  34. I don’t like that kid
  35. He’s an ass
  36. So she’s going by Miss DiLaurentis … but the scene at the end of the midseason finale of season 6 is after this and she was still going by Mrs Rollins then
  37. Why were the kids laughing about her being called to the principal’s office?
  38. What just happened in that entire scene at Radley?
  39. Did Mrs Grunwald just see what happened to Hanna?
  40. Hanna’s going a little bit nuts
  41. Is it really wise to tempt an alcoholic just so you can get the information you want?
  42. He’s a creepy old man
  43. I would never have wanted him to be my doctor
  44. So the people at Radley would rape the patients?
  45. I knew him losing his license would be something to do with him losing his license
  46. Is there something else going on with the Cochran family? Is this going to be another subplot that’s just forgotten?
  47. Paige!
  48. So they dated whilst they were at college?
  49. This hasn’t been mentioned before, has it?
  50. Has the Emily egg baby subplot been mentioned recently?
  51. So both of these really talented athletes lost their chances at going to the Olympics? Has does that happen in one town?
  52. Why is Ali in the school in the dark?
  53. Oh, so she can break in to the principal’s office
  54. Obviously
  55. Also, as if that card trick ever actually works
  56. Did anyone else just see the name ‘Cochran’ on one of the files?
  57. Nice threat AD – I really don’t think they make much sense to be honest
  58. Aria is being so selfless right now
  59. It’s nice to see she’s grown up over the past few years
  60. Hanna’s eyebrows aren’t looking as ‘on point’ as normal
  61. What deal?
  62. What money?
  63. This is going to be what happened with Noel at the Radley when Mrs Grunwald was there – right?
  64. Caleb wants to protect Hanna still, that’s cute
  65. If I thought she was actually going to do legwork for the company I would say that she would probably be staying with Lucas – but that would be a stupid assumption
  66. Did Ezra kiss her goodbye?
  67. He didn’t but he went back to kiss her!
  68. Good job Ezra!
  69. Did Paige come back for Emily?
  70. Is Emily going to drop the other chick for Paige?
  71. How many episodes do we reckon this will happen in?
  72. That wedding dress is beautiful
  73. I hope Aria gets a chance to wear it
  74. Has Aria told Poppa and Momma Montgomery about being engaged to her former English teacher?
  75. What’s Spencer thinking?
  76. What is Hanna doing and when did she become a master at subterfuge?