I was trying to remember what happened on the previous episode of Pretty Little Liars and the only thing that stuck out was Sara Harvey being murdered right at the end of the episode.

Let’s see what this episode has in store:

  1. Spencer is so cute
  2. It’s the same as the when Ali gave them the bracelets way back when
  3. Obviously all of them are going to be standing beside Aria on her wedding day!
  4. Creepy note from AD to start the episode off
  5. So were they in the hotel when her body was found, or did it take that long for the police of Rosewood to arrive?
  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the latter
  7. Did I just hear “She slipped in the shower”?!
  8. Her hand does not look as though she slipped in the shower
  9. Drew Van Acker?
  10. Jason’s back?!
  11. Yes!
  12. It’s nice that Emily and her mum seem to be back on track
  13. Spencer being all subtle and sly
  14. Oh, guess not so subtle
  15. Flashback storyline
  16. Are we going to find out why Jenna wants forgiveness?
  17. It really must be horrible to be blind
  18. Oh Jenna
  19. So is she still in love with Toby, or was it just to get back at Spencer?
  20. They’re literally the slowest painters ever
  21. And that was perfect unison
  22. Jason!
  23. I like this long haired, bearded version of Jason
  24. Jason’s being all grown up and protective
  25. Perhaps too protective
  26. I’m kind of with Ali to be honest Jason
  27. “She’s our Aunt, don’t you want to get to know her?” Yeah but Ali, she’s also the mother of the woman Jason fell in love with only to find out that that woman was actually his brother, who it now transpires was actually his cousin
  28. It’s a messy situation love
  29. Hang on, who’s beat up and in hospital?
  30. Have I missed something?
  31. Does Ezra not realise how much thoughts and planning goes in to a wedding?
  32. Stop right there Ezra, the girls will never forgive you (or the audience) if you deprive them of a big Ezria wedding
  33. Though an Italian villa does sound nice
  34. Whose room is Hanna in now?!
  35. Why is she always doing these things alone
  36. Could anyone else turn out it was Caleb just based on those shoes
  37. Are they able to leave town?
  38. I thought all the liars had to stay in town until Charlotte’s murder was resolved?
  39. I totally forgot about Jason and Aria’s little thing
  40. Well at least Emily knows that Noels back now
  41. Hang on …. Have they hooked up again more recently?
  42. Oh, Jason’s been in Ethiopia? He really has grown up
  43. No more party boy
  44. Who’s having a spa day and why is Caleb doing the massage?
  45. Oh is it Jenna?
  46. I can’t take pictures on my phone that fast, they go all blurry.
  47. What’s the burned file about?
  48. He’s not a blind girl
  49. Is that Noel? I can’t tell from this angle
  50. Do those t-shirts say ‘Bride Pride’?
  51. Does Caleb not know that Hanna’s not engaged anymore?
  52. Poor Mrs Fields
  53. Feeling like she can’t have any fun in her life anymore
  54. I feel like Mary would know that Jason’s a former addict and therefore he wouldn’t drink
  55. Toby’s fiancée was in the hospital?
  56. Noel did that to her?
  57. “What do you know that I don’t?” Well after years of torture at the hands of A Toby, haven’t you realised that anyone you love is fair game and will eventually end up dead or hurt?
  58. I also kind of feel like Emily’s mum doesn’t want to spend alone time with her daughter
  59. So did Mrs D tell Mary that Charles had died back when she told everyone else that he had died?
  60. Has it taken this long for Aria to realise her friends won’t be at her wedding if she elopes?
  61. No you’re not Aria, something’s going to happen to stop you from getting married
  62. Look at Hanna and Caleb being all emotional
  63. Or perhaps she was just trying to take her daughters advice.
  64. Who knows, I can never keep up with the parents on this show
  65. Well that was bloody obvious Toby
  66. Of course it was originally being built for Spencer
  67. You are kind of being a dick to Spencer by telling her this and then telling her that it’s definitely Yvonne you want in your life
  68. So is Yvonne pregnant then? If you’re going to start building a family in Maine?
  69. Poor Spencer – you can join my forever alone club if you want
  70. I think he’s the reason she ‘slipped in the shower’ too
  71. Mrs D had files on Alison’s friends? What the hell?!
  72. Anyone else thinking that Mary Drake’s second child is Ally?
  73. See, I knew you wouldn’t be eloping
  74. They’re going to get locked in the car
  75. Yep, there you go
  76. You take the headrest off the seat and smash the window with the metal prongs
  77. Haven’t you seen that post on Facebook, guys?
  78. But surely if they find out who AD is before AD finds out who killed Charlotte then they can go to the police and not get murdered?
  79. Isn’t that the second time ‘I see you’ has been written on a car?
  80. So Mrs D had a file on Noel too? It’s a bit creepy the lengths she went to in order to find out what happened to the daughter she had buried.