Wow, so somehow after this episode we’re halfway through the series! Lots of bad stuff happened last week. Some good stuff happened too … They discovered that Thomas (the little boy I thought was a girl) didn’t get sick after he was coughed on couple of episodes ago, and he’s been going round helping sick people. Jake’s realised that he’s in love with teacher lady and Teresa and Xander escaped the mob that have taken control of Teresa’s mums shop – but then Teresa’s mum lead them straight to her after she stupidly stole the only phone with a signal in the cordon.

  1. I’m still so angry at Teresa’s mum
  2. Why the hell did she give them the phone in the first place?
  3. Has it always said what day they’re on?
  4. I’d not noticed that before
  5. Why does the leader of the gang want them anyway?
  6. What is the point?
  7. Yay! Jake to the rescue!
  8. I hope that guy gets caught but the weirdos on the bikes and gets butchered
  9. So is the 48 hour quarantine over in that little building now then?
  10. It looks as though the people outside the cordon are being treated nearly as poorly as those inside the cordon
  11. I seem to tune out whenever Lex is talking, but I kind of get the picture
  12. Going to – was it waffle train? – on a date sounds good to me
  13. Is Teresa going in to labour?
  14. Oh just Braxton hicks
  15. Are they the weirdos from the basement?
  16. Where did all these weird skull scarfs come from?
  17. They’re all after drugs, wonderful
  18. Where’s the roof guy gone?
  19. QT … isn’t it DL?
  20. Oh there he is
  21. He wasn’t there earlier was he?
  22. Why is that guy such a dick?
  23. So he’s got a gun and he decided not to give it Jana when she went out to get food for him?
  24. What an asshole
  25. Xander’s looking a little sweaty there
  26. I hope it’s just heat
  27. How is there a onesie that fits a 9 month pregnant woman
  28. Yes Xander!
  29. I’m fist pumping in to the air for you my friend!
  30. Where are all these people coming from?
  31. Why have they all been hanging out on the roof?
  32. They’re in the air vents … seriously?!
  33. How are they drug addled but have enough brain cells to pull that?!
  34. Is that Lex’s dad?
  35. Apparently so
  36. I’m assuming from their conversation that they don’t get on all that brilliantly
  37. Which is probably why Lex hasn’t bothered to ask if his dad wants to stay with him
  38. Has Lex actually made it home in the 9 days that this has been going on for?
  39. So the cleanest place in the cordon has now been compromised because of those people
  40. Uh oh
  41. He hasn’t gone to talk to them has he?
  42. Oh dear, it looks as though he might have done
  43. Well he’s going to end up dead!
  44. It’s coming back up because the doors opened on one, someone killed him and the crazy people are coming up to kill everyone else
  45. Do we think Jake has enough ammunition in his gun in order to kill all of them?
  46. No, I do not think it’s safe
  47. Bloody told you.
  48. So are they now stuck in that plastic box until the body gets burned
  49. He look at Lex, doing what I suggested
  50. Come on Papa Lex, do what your son has suggested
  51. What situation did Papa Lex have?
  52. Oh, that situation sucks
  53. And now we’re back to the USB
  54. So is this literally going to be these guys stuck in a room for ages this episode?
  55. There’s not going to be any teacher lady this episode?
  56. Jake is so damn cute
  57. Being all in love and stuff
  58. Why is Teresa’s mum so set that these Teresa and Xander won’t make as parents?
  59. Xander seems to have his head screwed on fairly well
  60. And the fact that she’s worrying that she won’t be a good parent is exactly why she will be.
  61. Why have all the lights gone out?!
  62. Oh no, she’s stuck!
  63. Is she stuck in a good place or bad place?
  64. If they’ve turned the power off how are they going to get up there?
  65. They can’t use the lifts because the power’s out and the stairs are all blocked off, aren’t they?
  66. I just hope that infected one infected the lot of them
  67. Then they’ll all die and leave the others alone
  68. I’m assuming that Lex is playing by the rules so that he can get more information
  69. So she’s stuck in that little box thing
  70. You’re right roof man, they are smarter than you thought
  71. So perhaps the stairs aren’t as blocked off as I thought
  72. Literally haven’t been able to think anything because I’ve been worried Jana wouldn’t make it
  73. Jana get back to your floor now
  74. Oh hell!
  75. Why do they have screwdrivers?
  76. They need codes to get in to the floors – that makes sense as to why they haven’t attempted the stairs before then
  77. This episode has had me on edge more than any Containment episode before it
  78. Oh Lex
  79. All you wanted to do was save your girl
  80. The. Hell. Was. That?!
  81. Did he bite her?!
  82. He did!
  83. I don’t think I’m going to stop being appalled at the behaviour of human beings
  84. Why doesn’t Jake take Teresa’s mum to the hospital with him
  85. If she is sick she’ll be in the best place, and if she’s not she’d be able to come back
  86. People are being shot when they try to leave the cordon, Jana
  87. Yeah she’s going to die
  88. If she was going to survive she’d still be horrible and not suddenly accepting of her daughter having a baby
  89. Those are the rules in TV land
  90. Seriously, the safest thing would be for her to go back to the hospital with Jake ….

Wow. Just wow. I can’t even think about what happened tonight as so much did! We’re officially half-way through the series now though folks. Just six more episodes until we know who survives the cordon ….