Ezra’s gone to Columbia to find Nicole (even though he’s now engaged to Aria), several faces returned (Jason and Paige), apparently there’s another secret baby who no one seems to know the sex of and Hanna’s suddenly turned in to super sleuth. I hope we start getting answers soon …

  1. Rope, duct tape and a hammer
  2. Your basic kidnapper starter kit
  3. Yeah Spence, just point out how shit this must all be for Aria
  4. Ooh I didn’t think about Noel possibly being the mystery baby
  5. Well isn’t he temporarily living in the Radley?
  6. Jesus Hanna, what are you up to?!
  7. In order for him to not be anywhere on what is essentially a google search then he doesn’t have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram … that’s way suspicious
  8. This cop likes her
  9. The dead man has gone to France?
  10. That’s bloody impressive
  11. See!
  12. Spencer, you need to go out with him!
  13. Cake tester
  14. That’s the job I want
  15. “He’s a bad man, don’t bake him a cake”
  16. Oh come on Aria fess up
  17. Well done!
  18. You’re getting good at this stuff
  19. I’m getting bored of this Jason with a beard look
  20. “I owe her after everything she’s been through”
  21. You mean because you told AD that she killed Charlotte?
  22. Should have seen that coming Jason
  23. Hanna, if you want to go undercover, don’t wear make-up
  24. You’re less likely to get recognised
  25. She has got a stronger stomach than I do – going through the rubbish
  26. Who’s phone is that
  27. Oh Sara Harvey’s
  28. Why would you turn on an electronic device the minute you find it?
  29. If Noel is AD then he has loads of tech gadgets and will be able to trace that phone
  30. She should have at least spoken to Caleb … or Mona
  31. … Where has Mona been actually?
  32. Are they doing the application under test conditions?
  33. Looks like Emily’s failing
  34. “Have you ever been arrested … ?” Do you reckon she gets a separate sheet of paper to write everything down on?
  35. “I don’t know whether to be honest”
  36. Well if he was your principal whilst you were at high school, I think he probably remembers all the stuff that went down Em, to be honest
  37. See, Paige agrees with me too!
  38. So no she doesn’t get an extra sheet of paper if she only has 2 lines
  39. Look at Paige giving Emily a pep talk
  40. That’s going to be a long old wait
  41. Yay! Flashback time
  42. What would you do in Ethiopia?
  43. Wow Aria, did you really ask that?
  44. You’d help the people who needed it silly!
  45. It’d also get you out of the country where someone stalked you for years
  46. It’d probably do you the world of good to be honest dear
  47. So they were hooking up as she graduated college?
  48. Ok that puts a timeline on it
  49. “You only have to stay for as long as you want”
  50. Well I don’t think she wants to go Jase, that’s kinda the issue
  51. Do you reckon the old locker combinations still work?
  52. Finally Emily’s telling someone
  53. She needs an external party other than the 4 girls
  54. Who is this guy
  55. Ah drug dealer
  56. Fantastic
  57. Well done Hanna
  58. I forget people are on mute all the time too Spencer
  59. Then I hang up because I think there’s something wrong with the line
  60. Surely Emily knows that they break in to places by now
  61. Breaking the camera from the front is not a wise idea
  62. Look what telling the truth gets you
  63. Oh and now you’ve lied again
  64. Silly lady
  65. She’s not his fiancée
  66. Hanna, you’re only supposed to use one of those tablets
  67. You’re going to end up killing him
  68. And that’ll be the second person in one season!
  69. Because obviously Noel would leave his laptop open and on
  70. Noel was working with Cece in the dollhouse?
  71. Wow, that didn’t even take a whole episode for them to realise that Hanna wasn’t wear she said was
  72. I bet Hanna’s just there by accident
  73. How long’s the break going to be if you can grab a quick bite?
  74. So how much of Emily’s past does Sabrina know
  75. I would have loved to have seen the character of Hanna on the Hunger Games
  76. I feel like loads of bad stuff is about to go down
  77. Storms always mean now bad things
  78. Look how stern Hanna is
  79. So who was Hanna on the phone to last week?
  80. I think the drugs are a double bluff
  81. She’s going to drug herself and get him in to trouble
  82. Though that might be a bit too clever for this show
  83. Yeah, thought so
  84. Oh Hanna – I’m kind of sorry it didn’t go as planned for you
  85. There’s no electricity but that’s ok because Spencer’s laptop is fully charged!
  86. That’s going to corrupt her PC in no time really, let’s be honest
  87. Is she getting the cop round for booty call reasons or for genuine police reasons?
  88. It sounds like genuine police reasons
  89. You would never have been his consolation prize Aria
  90. He’s loved you since you were 16
  91. See Jason, I told you she didn’t want to go
  92. Wow Jason, way to jump to conclusions
  93. You were right though
  94. Jason still loves Aria
  95. Why have they let Ali go on a school trip when she’s only been out of the hospital a few weeks?
  96. See bad stuff always happens when there’s a storm
  97. I don’t suppose you thought to keep the USB stick on you?
  98. Nope, obviously not
  99. How did whoever stole it know that it was Spencer who had it
  100. Actually, I guess there was a tracker on it
  101. I hope Mr police man is a good man
  102. Do you not want to tell your new girlfriend about this
  103. I can’t work out whether she is supposed to be happy about Nicole not being alive, or whether that’s supposed to be sympathetic grief for Ezra
  104. Jesus Christ, Hanna!

Next week is the mid-season/summer finale, and it looks like a hell of a lot happens. Mona makes another appearance, Jenna’s got a gun and Hanna obviously didn’t tie Noel up too well …