Last week Olivia Bentley and Francis finally admitted that they wanted each other – leaving poor (bunny boiling) Toff out in the cold. Ollie and his nice French man decided that it’d be best if they were just friends, because long distance would be just too hard. And finally, Louise and Alik officially called it a day on their romance, with Alik finally realising that he deserves someone who loves him.

  1. What do these girls look like walking through a lavender field?
  2. Of course they’re having a picnic when none of them were carrying picnic stuff
  3. So if the personal trainer hadn’t come in to the picture Louise might possibly still be with Alik … that seems a bit unfair to Alik.
  4. Isn’t that essentially keeping someone around just so you have someone?
  5. Amen Olivia, bitchy school girl stuff is getting old!
  6. Did she just say she doesn’t want a relationship?
  7. Don’t you normally want a relationship when you likes someone?
  8. Even if you know it’s not going to last
  9. Jess is looking so brown and her eyes looking incredible when she has a tan
  10. I love that he’s so beautiful that he makes her uncomfortable
  11. That’s quite cute
  12. Jess hasn’t really had a prominent role in this series, has she?
  13. Also, most girls would have a photo of the guy they’re dating on their phones
  14. Surely she could have shown Toff a picture of him?
  15. I’d love to do whatever this is called but I would fall off so many times
  16. It would be like someone was constantly replaying a video from You’ve Been Framed
  17. Oh it’s called paddle boarding, that’s good to know
  18. These boys seriously gossip more than most women that I know
  19. It looks so windy at that picnic
  20. They do not look all that comfortable
  21. Oh are we about to see beautiful boy?
  22. He’s alright in a male model kind of way
  23. I think you’re right Olivia – I think Frankie’s miserable too
  24. Or she always looks miserable anyways
  26. He tells everyone everything
  27. And if he only tells one person, that one person tells everyone else (I’m looking at you Tiff Watson!)
  28. Is that JP?
  29. Has Alex bought JP to where Binky is?
  30. Oh no, it’s the other one
  31. Hang on
  32. Are Victoria and Mark-Francis a thing?!
  33. You’d wear that when going dinner with friends, Olivia?!
  34. I love the champagne flutes
  35. Jamie’s talking to Frankie like she’s a child
  36. Frankie does not look happy that Jamie is in love with her
  37. Well, you find people when you least expect them Jess
  38. Come on Jess, I saw that coming!
  39. It is quite cute though
  40. Good for Jess
  41. What is going on with Sam’s hair?
  42. It is incredible!
  43. It’s like he’s completely given up with products
  44. I love how Olivia was so open about “being ploughed” by Mytton, but with Francis she is incredibly coy
  45. What is it with girls who sleep with Jamie, why are they always laughing during sex?!
  46. I do feel sorry for Jamie – everyone seems to just love him as a friend
  47. Yes Frankie, it looks bad that you gave someone your number
  48. What even is the guys in the red shirts name?
  49. Oh, it’s Matt – cheers E4
  50. I think you should talk to Jamie too
  51. Otherwise Sam’s going to do it for you – you know he will Mytton
  52. I love when they do paintings
  53. They always unintentionally draw a dick
  54. “Me losing my Frenchy” that’s incredible Ollie
  55. Wow, check Toff out being the bigger person
  56. What the hell is Sam doing?
  57. That does not sound great Sam
  58. But kudos for trying to win Tiff over
  59. That smile is a bit creepy though
  60. Mark-Francis and Victoria do look incredible
  61. Could Francis not get a rats tail the same colour as his hair?
  62. At least Jamie’s kind of matches his hair
  63. As much as I love Mark-Francis and Victoria – they can be so rude sometimes
  64. And I can’t work out whether it’s intentional or not
  65. Well done for standing up to them and telling them the truth Francis
  66. You might get an adult sleepover now
  67. Oh good, this is all too soppy and too much
  68. I’m going to start crying now
  69. And it’s all your fault Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson
  70. “Olivia’s witty and Francis is weird”
  71. What a way to sum up a relationship – that both people have said isn’t a relationship
  72. All this drama is going on with Frankie and Mytton and all I can think is – Jamie’s little rat tail thing has gone, does Francis know about this?!
  73. Wow
  74. Way to drop yourself in it Frankie
  75. I don’t understand why she would want to hurt someone as much as she’s been hurt
  76. “As in like like?”
  77. Blimey Frankie, how old are you?!
  78. She’s so defensive about all of this Mytton stuff
  79. Jamie … have you never heard of bros before hoes?
  80. Both Matt and Mytton have said the same thing and you’re going with what the girl-who-always-looks-miserable says?
  81. Who, by the way, looks smug as hell when you said you would believe her
  82. Is swimming with sunglasses on a thing?
  83. Since when?!
  84. Thanks for asking what I was thinking Sam!
  85. I mean, after last week, you can’t blame us for wondering
  86. Oh Matt, stop being so cringe
  87. What is Victoria wearing?!
  88. Why did she look shocked before they said “Francis and Liv”?
  89. Alex, I’m not Frankie’s biggest fan, but remember when everyone was meddling in your relationship with Binky?
  90. “Did you tell him about the guy with the BBQ?”
  91. Well she kind of had to after she put her foot in it, Tiff
  92. If you wanted to be with him Frankie, why are you telling people when you have sex it’s like having sex with a friend!
  93. Jess and this guy are really cure together
  94. But seriously, for people who have access to planes, boats, trains etc. getting to and from France can’t be that hard – can it?
  95. Are they doing the beautiful dance in the pool at Toff’s house?
  96. That’s a bit much
  97. For goodness sakes Toff
  98. Actually I take it back, this is just getting ridiculous
  99. They didn’t want to do anything until after Francis spoke to you
  100. I think Jamie knows the version of Frankie that Frankie wants him to know
  101. She seems really sly
  102. Oh for crying out loud, Frankie
  103. Get rid of her Jamie
  104. She’s too childish and immature – you do not need to be dealing with her shit
  105. Poor Jamie

I can’t write much about the preview for next week – I’m too angry with having just hear Frankie say “1-0 to Frankie”. How childish can you get?!