OK, so I’m a massive history geek – I absolutely love it and I love learning about different eras (most of my academic days were spent studying Fascism, Nazism and both world wars. I’ve been looking forward to this being aired since it was announced – the fact that Jenna Coleman was cast as Queen Victoria was just the icing on the cake.

Let’s see what this series has in store for us, shall we …

  1. That’s quite an idyllic setting
  2. Isn’t that the lad form the Sarah Jane Adventures?
  3. Jenna Coleman with blue eyes is going to take some getting used to
  4. Who is that in the bed next to her?
  5. Is it a real person
  6. Look at the spaniel!
  7. I didn’t realise she was Alexandrina Victoria
  8. I like those opening credits, very subtle but beautiful
  9. Did the Prime Minister just ask for coffee after finding out that the King was dead?
  10. Oh the person in the bed next to her was her mother
  11. For eighteen years old, Victoria was very astute with what her country would want “No more German mother. You are the mother of the queen of England”.
  12. “That awful man is dead” …. You mean your daughters uncle?
  13. Was he a bad man?
  14. I’ll have to look in to that
  15. “Something traditional like Elizabeth or Anne” …. You mean like Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife …. Who had a daughter called Elizabeth?
  16. “Elizabeth the second sounds very well”, that’s definitely a nod to our current reigning monarch
  17. Also, what’s wrong with Victoria?
  18. I agree Alexandrina wouldn’t have been suitable, but Victoria is alright
  19. Was it a common name in the 1800’s then?
  20. Those eyes make her look younger and older at the same time
  21. Why can’t she deal with this on her own?
  22. Surely she’d have been bought up as the heir to the throne – she would know how to behave?
  23. Henry VIII was seventeen when he came to the throne, he wasn’t raised for it and no one tried to govern him – unless you count Katherine of Aragon
  24. So Victoria was living in Kensington Palace?
  25. So I be referring to her as Victoria, or Queen Victoria?
  26. I’m sorry, what?
  27. Her tongue is too big for her mouth?!
  28. Where did these ideas come from?
  29. It you’re fed up of governing, Jasper from The Holiday, why not step aside for another election?
  30. So the Prime Minister has to carry on carrying the burden of a nation because a woman wants a place in the royal household?
  31. Seems fair.
  32. I wonder if she was actually this loyal to her childhood servants
  33. Oh look, it’s Gwen from Torchwood
  34. Who is this man?
  35. He’s such a slimy person
  36. I hope he doesn’t last long
  37. Did Lord Melbourne have a bad reputation?
  38. So the King was a horrible man according to Victoria’s mum but according to Victoria herself he was always kind to her
  39. I’m confused
  40. I love how she just speaks her mind about what displeases her “Head the size of a pumpkin.”
  41. She numbered her dolls?
  42. She didn’t realise until she was 13 that she was going to be Queen?
  43. Sir John is the slimy guy
  44. I like that she’s always cottoned on to this
  45. I’m loving the costumes in this series – they are beautiful
  46. Who is this guy with the scar?
  47. For an eighteen year old she seems to be taking all of this in her stride remarkably well
  48. If I’d suddenly found myself Queen I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone for a day
  49. Wow, if that guy’s supposed to be her uncle, he doesn’t seem to be a very good one
  50. Lord Howard? Is he related to the Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk?
  51. Uncle Cumberland … I’m going to have to do some research on him
  52. It’s incredible that even after the reign of Elizabeth the first, people were still wary of a female monarch
  53. It must have been daunting to stand on a balcony and wave to so many people.
  54. How can they be so openly distrustful of Germans when they live and work in the same house as one another
  55. Was that common?
  56. It’s nice to think that she spoke to her father’s painting
  57. So what if she’s playing with a doll, Sir John?
  58. As you’ve already pointed out she has lead quite a sheltered life
  59. Who is Sir John … why does he think he has power over Victoria?
  60. Good for you, standing up for yourself like that Victoria
  61. Why do I feel like the new clothing woman that’s been bought in, is up to something/
  62. “This is the kind of life I want”
  63. Blimey, so much plotting and ugliness happening in the first half an hour is quite something
  64. So is sixty-three thoughts though, to be fair …
  65. Buckingham house?
  66. Was it not a palace yet then?
  67. Is she’s spying on the household staff?
  68. I didn’t realise that her mother would be going with her to Buckingham house
  69. Kensington Palace is in London, isn’t it?
  70. I haven’t made that up, have I?
  71. I like how they’ve recreated it to look like it did back then
  72. Wow, the household staff aren’t subtle at all, are they?
  73. Where on earth does “too short to be dignified” come from?
  74. It’s nice that she found someone to trust
  75. And that she definitely realises how slimy Sir John is
  76. Was Sir John a real person?
  77. Or bought in for drama?
  78. Oh, it turns out he was a real person
  79. That Baroness is going to start really rubbing people up the wrong way soon
  80. Why is he so sure that Victoria is going to fail?
  81. “I’ve drawn up a list, none of them above average height” … Wow
  82. I have to admit the childish antics make me laugh though
  83. She changes, three times a day
  84. Have they bought a fat suit on Eve Myles?
  85. Are they debating about the Victoria’s suitability for the job?
  86. Uncle Cumberland should be trying harder not to look too pleased that they want to oust his niece from her job
  87. Has the idea of Devine right been given up on by now then
  88. At least the Prime Minister has her back
  89. Why is the Duchess so unhappy that her daughter is seeking advice from the Prime Minister?
  90. I thought that she wanted to take advice
  91. Or is that only from the slime ball?
  92. Is the Duchess now getting Lady Flora to go in and give advice surreptitiously?
  93. Oh, it was Sir John
  94. What sort of role was ‘Mistress of the Robes’?
  95. How difficult is it to ride side saddle?
  96. I know times were different then but why would an 18 year old be so open about talking to someone about marriage
  97. Lord Melbourne’s wife ran off with Lord Byron?
  98. How would a Governess have the skills to run a royal household?
  99. So the Russians speak French at court and people have issues with Germans speaking Germans … I’m confused
  100. Has Victoria organised a coronation ball the same day as the anniversary of his wives death/running away with Lord Byron?
  101. Has she organised a coronation ball before her coronation?
  102. The last thing you should do is tell an eighteen year old girl who despises you not to drink too much alcohol
  103. She’ll do it to spite you
  104. Even if she is the Queen of England
  105. “Oh you speak English?” I’d love to think that she genuinely had some of these interactions with people
  106. How long do you think it takes to learn these dance routines
  107. Why would a household staff think she had the right to refuse to do jobs?
  108. So he swapped the candles and I’m assuming they don’t melt as well as the bees wax candles
  109. Why would anyone think it’s ok to touch a Queen like that?
  110. Obviously a servant would be at her side in order for her to put a glass down.
  111. Uncle Cumberland is becoming as slimy as Sir John
  112. She is very forward for an 18 year old “I wish I could dance with you every night”
  113. Oh, is Lady Flora pregnant?
  114. Have they just given her that bump now or has it been there throughout the rest of the episode?
  115. Sir John is so slimy and gross why would anyone go near him?
  116. There are a lot of tiaras in this
  117. I wish the wearing of a tiara was more acceptable in today’s society
  118. Jenna Coleman does play a drunk, very well
  119. I think she thinks she likes/loves Lord Melbourne, but I think it’s more of a daddy issues thing – I think she likes having a mature man that she can trust.
  120. Why is the Baroness so concerned with trying to cut corners and save money?
  121. Oh, is “Criminal Conversation” sex?
  122. That’s interesting
  123. Well she certainly looks pregnant
  124. Ah the Tories … causing trouble
  125. Again, why is she considered too young to be a Queen at 18 when if she wasn’t the heir to the throne she would have probably been married or engaged by now
  126. Victoria’s requested an examination to prove Lady Flora’s virtue?
  127. Why would the Duchess allow Sir John to say that her daughter has always been unstable?
  128. Her hair is so long
  129. I love how they’ve made everything look like they would have looked in the 1800’s
  130. I wonder how heavy all those outfits were
  131. It’s quite a contrast in scenes – seeing someone gain so much dignity and someone losing theirs
  132. She doesn’t look very well actually
  133. I likes the unstable wobble of the crown – just to show it was a bit too big for her.
  134. I love that she’s so unused to royal life that she’ll wash her own dog
  135. Did she really request an examination of Lady Flora … or is this all added drama for the show?
  136. “Is she with child?”
  137. It’s kind of sweet that she’s that naïve, but at the same time – what the hell was her Governess teaching her?
  138. Jenna Coleman is fantastic – you can see just how guilty she feels for subjecting someone who is ill to such an embarrassing procedure
  139. I can’t believe how many people are conspiring against Victoria so quickly
  140. “The Duchess feels … “
  141. I don’t think the Duchess feels anything of the sort Sir John – it’s all about how you feel
  142. Cumberland is going to be right in there with trying to get the regency
  143. I think that the Baroness should go, she’s the one who fed Victoria the wrong information
  144. She shouldn’t be gossiping like that
  145. Well done Lord Melbourne for standing up for her like that
  146. It’s so sad to see how guilty she feels but doesn’t know the proper way to show it
  147. She’s trying though
  148. And Lady Flora really isn’t all that forgiving a mood – ouch
  149. I feel like this is a lesson she is going to take to heart though
  150. Why is the new girl stepping up for Mrs Jenkins like that?
  151. Actually, she probably told the Baroness about that in the first place
  152. Oh that pink dress isn’t that nice.
  153. This is going to be the first time that she ignores her Baroness, isn’t it?
  154. This isn’t going to go down well
  155. I do not like how blind the Duchess is to Sir John
  156. It’s good that Victoria is standing up for herself
  157. But it’s kind of disgusting that the fate of a Queen seems to rest on the shoulders of men
  158. The rooms of Buckingham house are beautiful
  159. Oh it was his son’s birthday the day of the coronation ball
  160. It is a lot to take on for an eighteen year old, isn’t it?
  161. But she should still be able to do it without men forcing their ideas of leadership of her
  162. They paid someone to shout that.
  163. I don’t think people would have done that on their own accord.
  164. I’m guessing we’re not going to see that doll again
  165. She seems to be settling in to the roll though.

It looks as though a lot is going to happen in the next episode – the main of it being slimy Sir John and Uncle Cumberland trying to make everyone believe that Victoria is unhinged. There does also appear to be the resignation of Lord Melbourne. I wonder how long it will be before Prince Albert is bought in ….