Hanna has kidnapped Noel Kahn. Toby’s decided to move away to Maine. Ezra has discovered that his dead girlfriend is actually dead.

Let’s find out what happened on the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars ….

  1. Oh Mona’s appeared
  2. Was she in the last episode?
  3. I feel like the start kind of just chucked us in – there was no “Previously on …”
  4. “Wake up bitch”
  5. You’re not a tough girl Hanna
  6. Don’t try to be
  7. What is she going to with the knife?
  8. Has she gone mad?
  9. She’s just going to cut him until he talks?
  10. So have they finally told the police everything about what’s happened recently?
  11. Why are they all searching Spencer’s?
  12. Why aren’t they at Lucas’s to see if there are any clues?
  13. So is that where Hanna’s mum has been all season? At a conference in London?
  14. Since when has 23 years old been considered ‘mid 20’s’?
  15. Obviously she went to Mona for duplicity
  16. Are they listening to the radio … or has Hanna somehow hacked in to police radio?
  17. Oh Ally – don’t get jealous.
  18. You got married for crying out loud
  19. Why does she have to fool her friends
  20. Why can’t they all just be honest for crying out loud?
  21. Where the hell is Mona?
  22. Oh – she left Noel on his own
  23. Seems a smart idea
  24. How does Jenna know what works for her?
  25. She can’t see it
  26. So she calmed down in like the minute we heard of a phone call?
  27. Well done
  28. I like that fridge
  29. Ah the Pretty Little Liars version of the “10 Things I Hate About You Poem”
  30. Yay!
  31. Haleb are back on!
  32. Only took the equivalent of a season
  33. Why does Ally look so spaced out
  34. Oh, there we go
  35. Do we think Rollins injected her with Emily’s eggs when she was in the asylum?
  36. Why hasn’t Ally realised that she’s not alone yet?
  37. She has friends who have gone to the ends of the Earth for her
  38. And she thinks she’s on her own?!
  39. Cherry soda
  40. That’s my kinda drink
  41. Is Caleb about to find the scars?
  42. Look at Caleb kissing the scars – proving he loves every bit of her
  43. Is Ally really pregnant or is she just trying to get close to Emily again?
  44. Emily, be the better person – just kiss her and leave it at that
  45. Don’t do anything else – you’ll regret it in the morning when Ally breaks your heart again.
  46. Ezra’s dead girlfriend isn’t dead … and Ezra kissed her on live TV …
  47. I don’t know how to feel about Ezra right now?
  48. It did not take long for Toby to build that house – and now he’s moving away
  49. He doesn’t like goodbyes because he knows this is the wrong goodbye
  50. She did find that love Toby – she found it with you for crying out loud!
  51. Yeah, a goodbye kiss – that won’t cause any issues
  52. Good job Emily
  53. Why is Paige referring to herself as Emily’s girlfriend?
  54. I think Paige is right
  55. Ally is trying to put a wedge in between Emily and Paige
  56. Did none of them actually sleep in a bed last night?
  57. Who was she trying to match Noel against?
  58. What a situation to be in
  59. Well this is all a bit Home Alone
  60. I do not understand why Mona left him alone in the room
  61. She should have stayed with him
  62. Why is Jenna wearing a coat indoors?
  63. Ah not Jenna
  64. Hang on – who’s that Sydney girl again?
  65. Was she a swimmer at the high school?
  66. So he’s sold the house he built for Spencer?
  67. What sort of creepy ass house is this place that Noel wants to meet them in
  68. Oh Jenna is joining in the fun now …
  69. How did that thumb drive go so quickly when Spencer was stood right there?
  70. There’s something weird about those dolls and the reason they put the camera in that room specifically
  71. How did she leave her phone upstairs?
  72. When did she take her phone out of her pocket?!
  73. Jesus – why does she have a gun?
  74. They were kids when they accidentally caused her to lose her sight
  75. She’s a full blown adult!
  76. When did this show get so dark?
  77. I feel like the wrong person is about to be shot
  78. Have they just accidentally beheaded Noel
  79. Why is Aria checking her phone – she’s already said that she has no signal
  80. Oh my God!
  81. And Jenna just kicked it!
  82. Why do these girls keep running away and leaving a friend behind?
  83. Is Spencer Mary Drakes second child?!
  84. Oh my God she is!
  85. Who’s taken Jenna?
  86. What the hell has happened to Toby and Yvonne?
  87. They can’t leave the finale like that!

According to IMDB the next episode isn’t until April! How are we supposed to keep ourselves from going insane until then?!