A lot happened in the first episode of Victoria. Victoria has been crowned queen at the tender age of 18, despite no one thinking that she will be able to do it. Her mother has a horrific adviser who is trying to get his claws in to the crown and is now trying to pitch the idea to Victoria’s uncle (whose wife has already pointed out to him that if Victoria dies, he’ll become Queen). Finally, Victoria seems to have developed feelings for her Prime Minister – Lord M…

  1. Well they seem to be loving the Queen again – despite Lady Flora’s death
  2. Straight in with questioning Victoria’s state of mind then
  3. What an incredible uncle he is.
  4. I though slavery was abolished after Victoria’s reign … but now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps it earlier
  5. Why would someone need a new title if they already had one
  6. And why is Sir John trying to suggest things when he knows how much Victoria dislikes him?
  7. I don’t understand why people were happy with the idea of slavery
  8. What a cruel thing to say to your eighteen year old daughter “Your head is too small for your crown”
  9. Imagine having rats in the walls of your home!
  10. Ah, but Victoria seems to agree that the crown is too big for her head
  11. I don’t understand people who are afraid of things smaller than them … then again, I’m terrified of birds…
  12. I still think that new seamstress woman is dodgy.
  13. Those dresses are wonderful
  14. How did she get a spaniel to sit still long enough to paint him?
  15. It’s nice to see the way government works hasntrealy changed over thepast 160 years.
  16. Why get the public vote on who they want as their Prime Minister?
  17. Oh Victoria, wondering through the garden crying isn’t going to help your cause!
  18. Especially not with your mother watching you
  19. Why doesn’t her mother understand that Victoria would be more receptive to giving her a new title/things that she wants if she just got rid of her creepy adviser?
  20. Is she refusing to get up for her birthday?
  21. Oh she’s up and dressed?
  22. When did that happen?
  23. Why would you turn on the gas before you get the flame ready?
  24. Surely they were given instructions at some point?
  25. “I’ll get some water” … and then she asks for butter?
  26. Why would you put butter on a burn?
  27. You’re not supposed to put ice on a burn
  28. It could get stuck to the skin
  29. I love the purple dresses that have appeared in this show
  30. Is Sir John staying at Buckingham House?
  31. Can’t Victoria just tell him to bugger off?
  32. So are they rats that he caught that day … or does he just carry a stick of rats with him everywhere
  33. Who is this Emma?
  34. I like her for defending Victoria to her mother
  35. Was it proper for the Queen to be on her own with a man?
  36. “Elects its Government” … it doesn’t seem like England has been electing is Government so far in this stage of history
  37. So does Lord M like Victoria?
  38. I wonder if Teresa May has the confidence of our Monarch
  39. “Quite alone”? She had her governess wither – didn’t she?
  40. I don’t know if it’s my telly or not, but all the men on this show seem to have very orange faces.
  41. Trick question, Sir Robert- don’t say it’s good … do not say it’s –
  42. Oops too late
  43. He sounds pleased to be serving the crown
  44. Well, Lord Melbourne called it right
  45. Could she not just add more ladies in to her house
  46. Did she have to get rid of the other 2?
  47. I like how strong willed she is
  48. Surely she cannot be oblivious to people trying to make out that she’s not all with it
  49. “She will be yours if you flirt with her”
  50. That’s a bit grim
  51. Cumberland is such a disgusting man
  52. Sir John’s rage is horrific
  53. The Duchess does seem rather proud that no one should tell her daughter what to do
  54. Oh I get it now.
  55. The Duchess genuinely thinks that Sir John is trying to help Victoria
  56. She doesn’t know he’s trying to get his hands on the crown himself
  57. Emma seems to be on bored with Victoria’s behaviour
  58. Why is the chef so sure he’s seen the seamstress before?
  59. Did everyone have to learn how to ride horses for this show?
  60. Is Cumberland ill?
  61. I hope so
  62. She doesn’t talk to no one – she talks to her dog!
  63. No one is doing what’s best for Victoria or the country
  64. Has Lord Melbourne decided just to never get dressed again?
  65. That burn looks like it hurts!
  66. Has it taken this long for Victoria to realise that there are rats in the house?
  67. Right, so they’re trying to con the governess out of money in order to get rid of the rats
  68. All this has only happened within a day and a half?
  69. So is that Lord M gone now then?
  70. Has the Duchess worn anything but black since this series started?
  71. Why is the Duchess’s rightful place, as Regent?
  72. She should never have even been the mother of the Queen, really
  73. Jenna Coleman’s eyes looked darker then – do you reckon they let her not wear her contacts for that scene as it was in the dark?
  74. These Victorian city landscapes are incredible
  75. I can’t work out whether the Duchess is trying to look after Victoria or manipulate her in to thinking she is insane
  76. That’s such a shiny white corset
  77. That is an incredibly cake
  78. Did Lord Melbourne not even want to wrap the present up?
  79. Unwrapping the present is the best part!
  80. Her mother is horrible!
  81. Why give her that on her birthday?
  82. Is Cumberland drugging himself up?
  83. “I believe there was a rat” … You mean you didn’t see the multitude of rats on top of the birthday cake?
  84. Strained nerves affect your equilibrium?
  85. That’s interesting
  86. Is the Duke going to accept the position?
  87. I cannot keep up with what is going on in parliament
  88. Is this the unveiling of the painting?
  89. Is Lord Melbourne coming back?
  90. I like this Duke – he’s trying to do things by the book
  91. So the seamstress used to be a prostitute?
  92. That’s what a house of ill repute is – right?

So Prince Albert is introduced to us in the next episode – how quickly will she forget Lord Melbourne?