Last week was an incredible episode. Loads happened over the course of one evening. Teresa’s mum had to leave her heavily pregnant daughter – having had been bitten by a maniac from the basement, Jake has admitted his love for teacher lady and the truth about how the virus has got out seems to be coming to the surface ….

  1. I forgot that Lex tried to get in to the Cordon
  2. Blimey, night 11?
  3. Well what did you expect, if you’re man handling rats?
  4. They don’t like it
  5. Of course they will bite
  6. I’m glad that the ‘tow the line’ Lex has gone and has been replaced by ‘do anything for the girl he loves’ Lex.
  7. I like that Doctor Man is trying to be optimistic about Thomas
  8. Why is Teacher Lady up in a room looking at a PC when her son is down in quarantine playing ‘go fish’ with his friend?
  9. Also, what happened to the ‘stay 4 ft apart’ rule, Jake?
  10. How are they chopping and changing all these camera angles?
  11. So this guy was sleeping with Doctor Saunders but didn’t bother to let her know that he’d probably put a death sentence on her?
  12. I like how the opening credits are comprised of snippets from other episodes – it sounds like a news article
  13. Day 12 already
  14. Boss lady Sabine is in a bad mood.
  15. Do we reckon she knows how the infection originally started, perhaps that was why she was so quick on the scene
  16. Sabine’s husband is the man Doctor Man was speaking to … wasn’t it?
  17. So what did Jana do with Teresa?
  18. I just thought Teresa’s mum left, not everyone
  19. What are they doing in the church then?
  20. I’m glad Lex knows that Jana is ok now
  21. Why did he not think to speak to Jake sooner
  22. Oh was this Sabine letting him go and speak to Jake one last time?
  23. The doctor didn’t get bit with a bad poisoned rat, but with a rat with Thomas’s blood….
  24. How is Thomas going to help create a cure or vaccine for all the people in the Cordon?
  25. I’ve seen The 100, they had to drain people of their blood and marrow in order to cure people against acid pollution
  26. Does this mean the Doctor Man is going to kill Thomas in order to get a cure/vaccination for this virus?
  27. They’re putting up signs to let loved ones know that they’re ok … if that girl had done that a couple of episodes ago, Lex wouldn’t have had to have spent all day talking her father out of a building that was going to be demolished
  28. Yeah, I’m still not sure what the hell they’re doing in that church
  29. If loads of people in there are sick though, why aren’t they covering their mouths?
  30. Is it a way out of the cordon?
  31. Oh yeah, I forgot Suzie was claustrophobic
  32. I like that the newspaper guy is being helpful now, as opposed to a hindrance
  33. I thought you were suspended too Lex
  34. Teacher lady doesn’t want to leave you Jake
  35. Honestly Jake, I think you’ll be entitled to an all-expenses paid vacation if you get out of the cordon
  36. Why is she trying to get the one child who can help out of the cordon?!
  37. Oh, that’s why.
  38. I don’t believe this is why at all
  39. I think she doesn’t want a cure- she wants everyone in the cordon killed off
  40. Sabine is a very bossy lady – who I don’t really believe knows what she’s doing
  41. No one should decide what someone else wants to do or is capable of handling
  42. She doesn’t look very well
  43. She better not die
  44. Why didn’t he get the pearls if she had to reach up there for them?!
  45. Oh no!
  46. Now he can’t help her because if he gets her blood on his hands then they could both be infected – especially as he’s been going in and out of hospital
  47. The CDC sent the real patient 0 the virus two days before he got infected?
  48. This is all so dodgy!
  49. Poor Leo, finding something to believe in and has now lost it
  50. Why are they sitting in the seats that sick people have been sat in all day?
  51. Did the cordon Doctor send it to patient zero so that he could find a cure and make a name for himself?!
  52. Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people?!
  53. This army general guy is doing my head in
  54. Why is he changing all the plans?!
  55. It’s almost like he doesn’t want Thomas to get out
  56. Oh, maybe that’s what happened to kick off the riot at the start of the first episode
  57. Wasn’t teacher lady carrying Thomas at that point?
  58. Why does Teacher Lady think she doesn’t deserve someone like Jake in her life?
  59. Jake has got a way with words, hasn’t he?
  60. It’s nice that Doctor Man decided to call his sister like he was told to do
  61. There’s no way that they are going to get through that wall by morning
  62. That’s quite a clever way to be able to touch someone without touching them
  63. Bizarrely might be one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen in a Julie Plec programme
  64. I normally have a thing for gingers, but I can now announce that I am in love with Chris Wood.
  65. There’s no way they did all that in one night!
  66. Don’t be an arsehole to her! She’s got claustrophobia
  67. So is she leaving her kids there alone in order to drop Thomas off?
  68. I love that cheeky little look between the two of them
  69. Shut the door behind you!
  70. All the sick people will follow you out
  71. This old couple are seriously so cute together
  72. What are they going to do if they meet another wall at the end?
  73. Oh, no chance of that if there’s poisonous gas
  74. I do not see this going well
  75. I feel like this is a false sense of security
  76. Told you so
  77. If you hadn’t been cheating on your wife to begin with, you wouldn’t be away from your family!
  78. Why is she talking to him and holding it all up?
  79. I bet she works hard now that she’s been infected
  80. There weren’t that many people there beforehand
  81. I kind of feel like Lex planned this a little bit
  82. I mean, I know he didn’t but still

I have absolutely no idea what happens next, but clearly the big riot from the first episode is building!